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Anthology of Living Religions By Mary Pat Fisher

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PUBLISHER: Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, c2002
ISBN: 0130156574
CONTENTS:Religious response: Comparative study of religion, Interpreting the sacred / W.E. Paden; Phenomenology of religions, Sacredness of nature and cosmic religion / M. Eliade; Materialistic perspectives on religion, The future of an illusion / S. Freud, Religion as the opium of the people / K. Marx, God is dead / F. Nietzche; Religious points of view, The oneness of divine / A. Heschel, New politheeism / D. Miller, Ground of being / T. Tulku; Worship, symbol, and myth, Mandalas, deity unfolding in the world / C.G. Jung, The hero with a thousand faces / J. Campbell; Women and feminine in religion, When God was a woman / M. Stone; Need for religion today, Lost dimension in religion / P. Tillich -- Indigenous sacred ways: African sacred ways, Talking drum, African sacred liturgy / G. Niangoran-Bouah; Native North American sacred ways, The mountain has spirit / Southwest indigenous peoples, Seeing with a native eye / B. Toelken -- Hinduism: Sruti text 62, Hymn to Agnit, God of fire / R. Vedas; Songs of the saints; Modern texts; contemporary issues -- Jainism: Teachings of Mahavir; Harmlessness; Perfection of the soul; Renunciation -- Buddhism: Awakened one; Theravada; [Cont. in Annot.]
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