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Myths of Light: Eastern Metaphors of the Eternal By Joseph Campbell

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PUBLISHER: Novato, California: New World Library/Publishers Group West, c2003
ISBN: 15773140434
CONTENTS:Introduction : the humbling of Indra -- The birth of Brahman -- Interpreting oriental myth -- West and East -- I and thou -- The myth of the lights -- The ever-burning sacrifice -- The vedas -- The face of glory -- The jīva’s journey -- The mystical tradition in India -- Raja yoga : the serpent of the cakras -- Yoga of the body, mind and heart -- The round of sorrow -- Birth and rebirth -- The horror -- The world soul -- Māyā -- Destroyers and creators -- The individual in oriental myth -- The mask and the actor -- Agents of the eternal -- The imagery of rebirth yoga -- The journey to the sun’s door -- Hearing the intermediate state : the Tibetan book of the dead -- Creativity in oriental myth -- Avatars of light : Indian art -- Light and dark : East Asian art -- Vessels to the farther shore -- Jainism : the path of withdrawal -- Hinduism : the pursuit and escape of dharma -- Impersonal divinity -- Dharma and sat -- The stages of life -- Buddhism : the flower of the world -- The life of the Buddha -- Ferryboats -- Envoy : the tiger in the depths -- The cry of the Buddha child -- The tigers and the goats.
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