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Illustrated Shvetambara Agamas with English Translations Series

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Each book has the Agama scripture text in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit, with a Hindi translation and an English translation.
Each book has 15-20 beautiful color illustrations, printed on art paper.
The series has 23 books, while work is in progress for other titles.

Uttaradhyayana Sutra
Antarkrddasha Sutra
Kalpa Sutra
Jnatadharmakathanga Sutra (set of 2 books)
Dashavaikalika Sutra
Nandi Sutra
Acaranga Sutra (set of 2 books)
Anuyogadvara Sutra (set of 2 books)
Upasakadasha evam Annuttaraupapatika Sutra
Raiapasenia Sutra
Aupapatika Sutra
Nirayavalika Sutra evam Vipaka Sutra
Sthanaga Sutra (set of 2 books)
Cheda Sutra
Bhagavati Sutra (set of 3 books)
Jambudvipa Prajnapti Sutra
Prashnavyakarana Sutra
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