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Catalogue of the Jain Manuscripts of the British Library

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By Nalini Balbir, Kanhaiyalal Sheth, Kalpana Sheth and C.B Tripathi
Distributed by Hindi Granth Karyalay
In three volumes
With Introduction, Bibliography, Appendices and Indices

This is the first time that Jain manuscripts preserved in the British Library an the holdings of the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum have been catalogued in a thorough and systematic manner.

The work was initiated by Professor Candrabhal Tripathi, but after his untimely death, Professor Nalini Balbir took on this project and worked at it for more than 10 years, assisted by Kanhaiyalal and Kalpana Sheth, a scholarly couple from Ahmedabad.  

The scope of the catalogue extends from the Jain manuscripts in the Oriental Collection of the British Library to those in the India Office Library.  This catalogue sheds light on 1083 manuscripts in 1425 entries.  The importance of the catalogue is not merely scholarly, it is also religious.

Jains celebrate jnana pancami with great pomp and grandeur by taking out ancient Jain manuscripts in gran processions, but it is more important to bring out the knowledge contained in the texts.  We hope that this catalogue will act as a springboard for the renewed academic study of Jainism.

The contents of this catalogue are as under:

Volume I
Foreword by Pujya Muniraj Shri Jambuvijayaji Maharaj
Foreword by Chairman of the British Library Board
Author's Preface
Prolegomenon: On the term "Jain Manuscript"
I Collections, Users, Catalogues
II the Manuscripts: The Present Catalogue
Classified Lists of Entries
Description of Composite Manuscripts or Codices
A.  Composite Manuscripts
B.  Collective Manuscripts or Codices
C.  Main Texts with Supplements
1.  Selected Scribal Remarks
2.  Alphabetical Index of Scribal Maxims
3.  List of Dated Manuscripts
4.  Chronograms
5.  List of Illustrated Manuscripts

Volume II
Svetambara Literature
1.  Canonical Literature
2.  Dogmatics and Ethics
3.  Philosophy
Appendix: Letter - Numerals

Volume III
Svetambara Literature
1.  Narrative Literature
2.  Stotra Literature
3. Vrata Literature and Ritualistic Works
4.  Pattavalis
5.  Varia

Digambara Literature
1.  Kundakunda's Works
2.  Dogmatics, Ethics and Philosophy
3.  Narrative Literature
4.  Hymns
5.  Vrata Literature and Ritualistic Works
6.  Works by Banarasidasa
7.  Varia

Belles-Lettres and Sastric Disciplines
1.  Anthologies and Floating Verses
2.  Commentaries of non-Jain Kavyas
3.  Grammar
4.  Lexicography
5.  Metrics
6.  Poetics
7.  Riddles
8.  Mathematics
9.  Astronomy
10.  Medicine
11.  Music

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