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Mahavir Nirvan 0ct 08 Newsletter

Mahavir Nirvan - Oct. 08 

An on-line Jain Community for Jains and Jain Centers


Jain Festival Dates and

Conference on Nonviolence,  Rediscovering  Gandhian Wisdom: Building a Peaceful Future

A annual event let by Dr. Tara Sethia, The Ahimsa center at Cal Poly Pomo (CA) is hosting this international conference  October 17-19, 2008. 

Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav - The Jain Center of Greater Phoenix's  Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav will take place from December 20th - December 26th, in Phoenix, Arizona. [more]

Jai Jinendra  

JainLink is a Jain on-line community developed in collaboration with JAINA, Jain Centers, and YJA.  Here North American Jains can connect with other Jains, Jain Centers, and resources.  Members can search for each other, get news, content, photos, and blogs.  Jain Center of Boston, Northern California, Tennessee, and JAINA Scholar committee and other groups are online now. If your center would like to participate, please contact us at To see how JainLink benefits your Jain Center, please upload this powerpoint presentation.

 Mahavir Nirvan (Diwali) Celebration - Oct. 28th, 2009  


As you are enjoying the fruits of past months Paryushan/Das Lakshan spiritual cleansing, soon we will be celebrating Mahavir Nirvan (official date is Oct. 28th  - same date as Diwali).

Celebrated on the new-moon day of Kartik, Mahavir attained Nirvana (attained liberation).  Mahavir discarded the body and the bondage of karmas that night at Pavapuri.  The celebration involves fasting, recitals of hymns and reading of Uttaradhyayan Sutra, which contains the final message of Lord Mahavir.  In the early morning of the first day of the new year, Gandhar Gautam Swami, the first disciple of Lord Mahavir, attained absolute enlightenment.  Click here to read on life and teachings of Mahavir.  [more]


See if you can take some time off from work or go to work late and visit your temple on the morning of Oct. 28th, 2008.  Also, please invite local college students to your home for Diwali puja, festivities, and of course dinner!

Feats During Paryushan:

JSMC (Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago)  has a vibrant and spiritually active Jain community.  One young Jain, Eva Mehta, a 17 year old from Chicago fasted for 34 days. A total of 44 people in Chicago fasted for 8 to 16 days.


Call to All Jain Scholars - $8,000 Scholarship

The international Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) is inviting applications for 2009.  If you are a student or an instructor at a university or research institution, please let your colleagues in department of religion and related departments know about this opportunity.   [more]


YJA Elects New Board Members


A new talented and energetic team under the leadership to two co-chairs (Sonia Ghelani and Ami Doshi) has been selected.  The team includes Mitesh Shah (GA) - Dir. of Project Development, Shardule Shah (MA) - Dir. of Education, Vaishali Shah - Dir. of Public Relations, Sumeet Bhandari (AZ) - Dir. of IT, Rajiv Vakhani (NY) - Dir. of Finance, Sheenika Shah (CA) - Dir. of Publications, Naman Jain (MA) - Dir. of Events.  Regional coordinators include: Kunal Shah (IL) – Midwest, Sonia Shah (MA) – Northeast, Paras Shah (TX) – South; Sejal Shah (GA) – Southeast; Suraj Shah (CA) – West and Pathik Shah (MD) - Mid-Atlantic.  [more]


JAINA Campus Outreach Initiative Launched:  


The new initiative is to bring together Jain students with their local Jain center and community.  The committee headed by Ashok Domadia, is developing resources, books, and steps to start new organizations on campus.  Please encourage your college kids to share a Jain Way of Life on campus with other Jains and mingle with local Jain families. For more information visit or JainLink (Youth).


Jain Prayer at Ohio Statehouse


On September 19, 2008 a Jain prayer was recited by H.H Bhattarak Shri Devendrakeerthi Swamiji of Shri Hombuja Jain Math, India at the Ohio Statehouse which was well received by the people who attended the prayer services. This is a historical event for all Jains worldwide and particularly Jains in North America.  If you would like to have similar resolution event at your location, please contact Dr. Tansukh Salgia Founder member and Past President of JAINA at


When Someone asks you "What is Jainism" (The Elevator Pitch!)
For thousands of years, Jains have been practicing vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, and environmentalism. Jains have three core practices: Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism, and Non-Possessiveness (Ahimsa, Anekantvad, and Aparigraha – AAA).
Non-Violence is compassion and forgiveness in thoughts, words, and deeds towards all living beings.  For this reason, Jains are vegetarians.

Non- Absolutism is respecting views of others. Jains encourage dialog and harmony with other faiths.
Non-Possessiveness is the balancing of needs and desires, while staying detached from our possessions.

Jains believe in the existence of a Soul – in each living being – which is eternal and divine. 
JAIN WAY OF LIFE (JWOL) respects and honors all living beings through the practice of
Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism, and Non-Possessiveness.  We are all interdependent and, by living a JAIN WAY OF LIFE (JWOL), we can bring peace and spirituality to our lives and to those around us. [more]

If you would like to volunteer your time for Jain projects, please contact us at

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