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JainLink January 2010 Newsletter January 2010 Newsletter
JAINA's JainLink is an on-line Jain community in collaboration with JAINA, Jain Centers, and YJA. 

Wishing you all a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and a Peaceful New Year.

Undoubtedly, most of us are enjoying our holidays with family, friends, watching movies like 3 Idiots and Avatar and binge shopping and eating.  Some of us may be with families in India or vacationing under the warm sun. And as we ring in the New Year - have we taken a stock of our religious and spiritual and volunteering practices of last year and made plans for this year? I suspect not.  At the age of 30 Mahavira left his home and for 12 years he lived an austere and deeply spiritual life before achieving omniscience. Mahavira transformed himself and Jainism and gave it a strong focus on Non-Violence.  He saw the violence towards animals around him.  What are our plans to transform ourselves in 2010? First we need to take a stock of ourselves.  Once we understand where we stand, then plan our Year 2010. Perhaps, we may wish to finally bring our anger under control (My Mind & Body - see My Year 2010 Resolutions below for ideas), limit our purchases to 10 new clothing items (My Things), reduce our dairy intake by 20%  (My Consumption), limit our TV/movies to 10 hours per week (My Life & My World), and meditate for 5 minutes a day (My Spirituality) <>.  


 Editor: Yogendra Jain, JAINA NorthEast VP and Long Range Planning Committee.

**** In this Newsletter ***

My Year 2010 Resolutions- Jain Way of Life

11,000 JAINA Calendars Shipped FREE

YJP (Young Jain Professional) Is Back!

JAINA Has Strong Presence at the Parliament of World Religions Meeting in Australia

JAINA re-launches eJain Digest
Victorious Ones: Jain Images of Perfection Art Exhibit (Rubin Museum of Art, NY) -  Sept. 18th to  Feb. 15th 2010
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My Year 2010 Resolutions- Jain Way of Life
By taking this simple self-evaluation test you can determine your JWOL (Jain Way of Life) state of mind and practice. This exercise will expand your awareness and stimulate your mind in thinking about ways to live and share a Jain Way of Life in the Year 2010.

My Things - A Self Evaluation (click here...)
So much of our lives is consumed by collecting, managing, and maintaining "My Things.” Some are, of course, necessary for a comfortable lifestyle. However, others distract us and consume tremendous time and energy.

My Consumptions - Jain Way of Life - A Self Evaluation (click here..)
We are physically and mentally consuming. We eat, and think about eating, numerous times a day. We take care of our bodies using many products.

 My Life and My World - A Self Evaluation (click here..) 
We are not alone. My Life & My World are part of an ecosystem with tremendous opportunities as well as distractions.

 My Mind and My Body - A Self Evaluation (click here..)
Managing my mind and body is critical for happiness, challenge, discovery, and spiritual growth. JWOL is living a
life grounded in thoughts, words, and actions of the core Jain principles of:
•    Non-Violence: in our diet, speech, and thoughts.
•    Non-Possessiveness: where we balance our possessions and desire for them.
•    Non-Absolutism: where we strive to keep our mind open and understand other views.

My Spirituality - Jain Way of Life - A Self Evaluation (click here...)
There are many distractions on the spiritual path. By taking this simple self-evaluation test you can determine your JWOL state of Spirituality.

Source: Jain Way of Life - Handbook - A Guide to Compassion, Healthy, and Happy Living



 11,000 JAINA Calendar Shipped FREE!

JAINA is delighted to present you the JAINA 2010 Calendar. This year's calendar continues its Yatra of the rich history of Jain Temple Art & Architecture. These pictures of 12 architecturally and historically important Jain Temples and Jain Tirths dispersed throughout India and the USA, depict the richness and vastness of Jain culture.

Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response by the Jain Community, we are again able to freely distribute 11,000 copies of the JAINA 2010 Calendar to Jain families across North America and other parts of the world.

Please Donate generously(Click here..) as this Non-Profit project is entirely Supported by your Valuable Donations, which makes it possible for us to freely distribute this Calendar to over 11,000 Jain Families.

YJP (Young Jain Professional) Is Back!

YJP is now ready to move forward with the organization and take it to new levels. YJP’s mission is to increase the awareness and understanding of Jain principles and heritage by promoting networking among Jain professionals.

And here are some different ways you can participate.  Click here for their latest newsletter and information.


JAINA Has Strong Presence at the Parliament of World Religions Meeting in Australia

The fifth Parliament of World’s Religions took place in Melbourne, Australia, from December 3 through December 09, 2009.  More than 10,000 people from 80 countries came. The Barcelona Parliament was attended by about 30 Jains including monks, nuns, scholars, and delegates from USA, UK, and India.  This participation was a huge success in terms of making Jainism more visible to the outside world. The theme of the Melbourne Parliament, Make a World of Difference: Hearing each other, healing the earth reflects the urgent need to act on concerns for the environment, peace, and overcoming poverty, and to cultivate awareness of our global interconnectedness.  This theme calls for action and is parallel to the teachings of Anekaantvaad and Parasparopgraho Jivanaam
For more information on JAINA's participation, click here...


JAINA re-launches eJain Digest

eJD Oct 2009Jain Digest is back, and it is green. With recent moves to greater environmental awareness and the updating of the website, we have relaunched this beloved magazine as e-Jain Digest. It is informative, inspiring and interactive. It has something for our entire North American Jain community, from inspiring articles, to informative news from JAINA and various Jain Centers; from entertaining story and puzzle for the young ones, to Jain recipe for the cooking enthusiasts. Above all, it welcomes all of you to interact with us and with each other – by providing comments, content, participate in finishing the story, answer the puzzles…. and once you have submitted your responses, be sure to look for your names in the next issue!    Click here to read e-Jain Digest.



Palitana Mobility Camp 2009 - Huge Success 

JAINA's World Community Service Committee is one of the sponsors of  the MEGA medical camp at Palitana which is going on now up to Jan.9, 2010.  The camp seeks to rehabilitate a total of 25,000 disabled people t h rough supplying and fitting them Calipers, Jaipur foot artificial limb to amputees, Tricycles,W heelchairs and Crutches, and hearing aids.  on a need based assessment.

For more information visit  or contact Dhiraj Shah M.D. (Chairman,WCS of JAINA) at To donate on-line, click here  Donate Online 

  Victorious Ones: Jain Images of Perfection Art Exhibit (Rubin Museum of Art, NY) -  Sept. 18th to  Feb. 15th 2010

  This is a must see for every Jain.  An exhibition of extraordinary paintings and sculptures centered around Jinas will at the Rubin Museum of Art, NY.



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JAINA/JainLink Active Volunteers


The team is comprised of both Local Jain Center and JAINA leaders.  The following are the active team members. If you would like to get in touch with them, search for their name in search and send them an email or just click on Contact Us. If you would like to join this team, a minimum commitment of 5 hours a month is required with strength in writing, internet applications, and above all a passion to Live and Share a Jain Way of Life. 

Chandrakant Vora – Past JCGBoston President, Past Head of NA Jain Directory, Co-Chair of JAINA Technology Committee ( (MA)
Yogendra Jain – VP-JAINA NorthEast and Chairman of JAINA/Long Range Planning Committee ( (MA)
Paulomi Gudka - Past YJA and YJP Leadership, ( (MA)
News, Events, Jain Digest:
Pooja Jain - News and Events, (CT)
Database Integration:
Robin Kothari (MA)
JAINA eDigest:
Chetan Sanghvi - Jain eDigest Editor (CA)
Vimal Shah - JAINA eDigest (CA)
Heena Nandu - JAINA eDigest (CA)
JAIN Networking Forum Committee:
Sunil Jain - Chicago Jain Center (JNF Committee Chair)  (IL)
Ujjwal Jain - Jain Networking Forum (WI)
Mohit Jain - Jain Networking Forum (MA/CA)
JAINA Calendar Committee:
Rajeev Pandya - Calendar Committee (NY)
YJA (Young Jains of America)
Naman Jain - YJA Co-Chair (MA)
Sumeet Bhandari, YJA Board (AZ)
YJP (Young Jain Professionals)
Suchita Gala - Board member (VA)
Sejal Lakhani - Board member (NY)
Rushabh Gudka - Board member (Canada)
Facebook Integration
Jigar Vora (NY)
Support and Integration:
Girish Shah - Head of JAINA Technology Team (CA)
Rupal Doshi  (NY)
Manish Mehta - VP-JAINA MidWest (JAINA Director Coordination) (MI)
Preeti Jain - Training  (CA)
Ashwin Mehta - JAINA Hq Director (Content, News, Event) (NY)
Hemant Shah – Chicago Jain Center(IL)
Sudhanshu Jain – Northern Calif. Jain Center (CA)
Jain Studies - Dr. Sulekh Jain (JAINA founder,  Former President, Chairman of Jain Studies program) (TX)


JAINA/JainLink is an on-line Jain community developed in collaboration with JAINA, Jain Centers, YJA and YJP.

For comments and contribution, please email

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