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Leve 5B (Jr, Sr. in HighSchool) JCGB Objectives

JCGB Pathshala - Level 5B - Curriculum for Year 2008-2009


Contact :  Yogendra Jain –; Tel: 781-856-0769



Objectives / Measurable Goals for the year – Requirement for graduation:

-Know the elevator speech

-Write a minimum 15 line Jain prayer in English

-Register on JainLink and ask a question to a scholar

-Do 1 puja alone or with others  and listen to their meaning (page 149 JWOL)

-Take a vow for limiting one or two possessions

-Teach 1 hour at another Pathshala

-Do meditation/relaxation 4 times (page 90 JWOL)

-Have fun, make friends, and prepare the foundation to enjoy practice of Jainism life long

-Donate $2 per month (page 82 JWOL)

-Be able to give a 3 min. talk on Jainism

-Take My JWOL self evaluation (Page 35 JWOL)

-Know  - Memorize the following and be able to give a verbal and oral test on this:

-Meaning of Namokar Mantra (page 6 JWOL)

-Know 7 of the 15 treasures in Jainism (page 9 JWOL)

-Three core Jain Principles (page 12-18 JWOL)

-Know  how many cattle, calves or chickens are slaughtered every day(page 30 JWOL)

-Know 4 of the 12 Bhavnas (Reflections)  (page 94 JWOL)

-Know the 5 things you will agree on with your future spouse before marrying  (page 70 JWOL)

-Know why you should not take alcohol in college and beyond page 101 JWOL)

-Know  the Jain art of dying (page 122 JWOL)

-Know three major Jain festivals and their meaning ( page 127 JWOL)

-Know six Universal substances (page 145 JWOL)

-Know Nine Tattvas (page 144  JWOL )

-Know how many Gunsthans are there and their relevance (page 145 JWOL)

-Know how to get rid of Karmas (page 144 JWOL)

-Know Jain Universe symbol and Swastika and their meaning (page 145 JWOL)

-Know 4 of the 10 Dharmas of the Soul (page 133 JWOL)

-Know  names of 3 Jain scriptures and name of two authors (page 158 JWOL)

-Know the two major differences between Jainism and Christianity, Islam, and Hindusim, and Buddhism (page 162 JWOL)


Other Goals and Objectives:

-Strengthen faith in Jainism by looking at it from historical, religious, practical, and scientific perspective

-Learn and be able to do relaxation and meditation

-Know the scripture / philosophy plates on the JCGB  temple walls

-Learn the benefit of limiting possessions and take 5 limited vow for limited time

-Develop critical thinking and interest in spiritual subjects

-Write one case study – ½ page -  each (on a topic which will be discussed in class and then documented – response in 2 pages)

Please bring a notebook and pen and this handout with each class as well as printout of homework
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