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Information Technology 2013 JAINA Transparency Report
2013 JAINA Budget Questionnaire Response

Projects/Activities Undertaken in Past five years – Please provide project Description, Deliverable & Duration (year begun-year completed):

1. Developed Initial JAINA Website

2. Added JNF functionality to the web site

3. Developed JAINA Convention Registration web site including Credit card processing facility. This is being updated for each JAINA Convention by reusing code (e.g. 2007, 2009).

4. Added capability to collect payments online for donations, online registration payments, book orders, JNF fees, etc for JAINA, YJA, YJP, JAINA Committees.

5. Developed web portal for the JAINA community in North America  

6. Added JAINA email alises ( so that generic email aliases can be used to promote JAINA branding.

7. Manage JAINA Domain Names.

New Project Plans for Year 2009 and 2010
 (List Specific Deliverable or Objective):

1. Merging JAINA website and Jainlink websites.

2. Merge other JAINA Committee web sites into new JAINA site.

3. Facilitate hosting other Jain Center’s websites at site.

4. Enhance website to a full fledged "Web portal."

What Resources Are Requested from JAINA? Please list specifics below for consideration by the JAINA EC:

1. This being an operational committee, majority of its operating funds will need to come from JAINA General Fund. EC needs to allocate operational funds for it in its budget plans. Special projects will be funded by seeking donations from the community.

2. This is a "technology infrastructure” committee. The "content” on the web site is not its responsibility. Each JAINA committee needs to provide content and its updates very regularly to this committee so that the information can be updated. EC needs to make JAINA PR Committee responsible for "web content” which should coordinate all information to be placed on the web site.

3. Establish a policy that no committee or unit of JAINA can establish its own site without the approval of the Information Technology Committee. This will assure leveraging of the JAINA investment in technology and will enhance JAINA branding (all JAINA sites will in its web address).

Committee’s Activity Report (Circle the answers or enter your comments below each)

How active is your committee? very active

How often does the committee meet? – Monthly

How does the Committee meet? Teleconference & web meetings

Committee member responsible for email/web content is __ Girish Shah ___

How active are your current Committee members? very active

How many committee members under 40 years age are active in your committee? ____

Committee Succession Plan:
What is your Committee's Chair Person and Committee member succession plan? - This being a new consolidated committee, this will be developed.

Would you like new (younger) Committee volunteers referred to your Committee? Yes

Type and Frequency of Outreach/PublicAwareness by Committee:

Please state how often and by what means do you reach out to:



Do you contribute articles regularly to Jain Digest? _ No ___________________

Committee Budget:

Avg. Yearly Expense Budget: $ _ tbd __________

Avg. Yearly Revenues from Sales: $_ tbd _________

Avg. Yearly Donations Received: $__ tbd ________

Support Requested from JAINA:

Please list the support you need from JAINA/other Committees – Try and be as specific as possible and indicate the time horizon for each of your need(s).

1. Each Jaina Committee needs to designate a person responsible for the content on its pages. This person will work with IT committee members to keep its information up to date on the website. If a committee does not provide such information nor facilitates updating of its accomplishments, goals, etc, then EC should consider dissolving such committees. Jaina needs to publicize its value to the community and each committee that uses Jaina name needs to support this PR/Marketing effort.


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