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Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Stamp
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Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Stamp

A Jain Hero Gets Deserved Recognition

A write-up based on information provided by

Fig 36 VRG stampKirit Daftary & Pravin C. Shah

Fig 37 Stamp_FDC_VRG_8Nov09For the past 15 years, JAINA’a Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Committee (VRG Committee) has been working hard to showcase and recognize the outstanding contributions of Virchand Raghavji Gandhi to the Western world, India and the Jain community.

Few of his accomplishments include:

1. First Jain emissary to represent Jainism at the First Parliament of World Religions Conference held in Chicago in 1893.

2. Successfully negotiated the abolition of poll tax on Jain pilgrims at Satrunjay-Palitana Tirth.

3. Sent Rs. 40,000 and shiploads of grain from US to India during the worst famine of 1896-1897.

4. Wrote many articles and books in Gujarati and English on topics of social and cultural reforms.

5. Established the Gandhi Philosophical Society, the Society for the Education of Women in India (SEWI), the School of Oriental Philosophy, and the Jain Literature Society in London.

After many years of efforts and pursuits by VR Gandhi Committee; World Jain Confederation of Mumbai (WJC); and philatelists Pradip Jain of Patna and Mahesh Gandhi, the Government of India finally released the First Day Cover and Stamp on November 8, 2009 to honor this great hero.

The stamp release ceremony was held at the Patkar Hall in Mumbai. The function was attended by a host of Jain dignitaries, guests and community leaders from India and abroad including - Post Master of Maharashtra and Goa; philanthropist Mrs. Birla; granddaughter of VR Gandhi; Pujya Amrendar Muni; Dr. N. P. Jain; Dr. Kumarpal Desai; Pratapbhai Bhogilal; Arun Fig 37 Stamp__VRG_WatermarkMehta, President of WJC; Chetan Kashyap, Secretary of WJC; Dr. Bipin Doshi of JITO; Mahesh Gandhi; Kirit Daftary, Past President of JAINA; Pravin C. Shah, VR Gandhi Committee Chairman; Dr. Dhiraj Shah, Past President of JAINA; and many others. This function was blessed with the presence of Param Pujay Nay Padamsagarji Maharajsaheb. A formal presentation of Ph.D. thesis on VR Gandhi was also released simultaneously.

Fig 38 VRG_with_JAINA_&_Asha_MehtaJAINA contributed $10,000 to partially cover the expenses of stamp release and the function. JAINA will receive 750 kits containing First Day cancelled cover, a stamp and a brochure in a handsome presentation booklet. The booklet will be distributed to all the donors who have contributed for this event. Additional booklets can be purchased from JAINA. This will be a rare commemorative item for a stamp collector, a Jain Historian, and/or a Jain Center library. For further information, visit


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