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Pratistha Mahotsav - Jain Center of South Florida

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Pratistha Mahotsav Celebration at Jain Center of South Florida

April 17-20 2009


"Religion is supremely auspicious and its essential is the practice of nonviolence, self-control and austerity.” -Mahavir


A culmination of the Jain community of South Florida’s important endeavor since 1994, the Jain Center of South Florida [JCSF] became a reality in April 2009. The JCSF, built in Weston, Florida, is a unique model for the mid-size community representing Murtipujak Digamber, Murtipujak Shvetamber, Sthanakvasi, Shrimadji and Terapanthi, all in the same 4,000 square feet center. The Jain community it serves ranges from Miami to Port Lucie on the east coast of Florida, to Ft. Myers on west coast, with easy access from I-75 and I-95.


This grand event was specially blessed by Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, Swamy Bhattarak Devkirtiji, Samani Charitra Pragyaji, Samani Unnat Pragyaji, Samani Mudit Pragyaji, Samani Param Pragyaji, Samani Akshaya Pragyaji, Samani Shukla Pragyaji, Samani Vinay Pragyaji and Mumukshi Nikitaji. JAINA’s President Dilip Shah and his wife Sarlaben graciously attended. More than 600 people took part in the ceremony including out oown f tguests and volunteers from the Hindu community. 

Jain Center President & Pratistha Committee Chair Mr. Jayant Shah (Born and Raised in Patan (NG) along with the Pratistha Committee put together a beautiful program. The combined efforts of the Pratistha Committee, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Trustees, and community volunteers were critical to the success of the program. One of the highlights was the active participation and attendance of second-generation adults who were mostly raised in the United States.


Program and JCSF highlights:

At its core, the JCSF represents Mahavir’s principle of Anekantvad (truth can be partial, multi-faceted like a diamond).


On April 17, 2009, the Pratistha program began with Digamber Jina Bimb Suddhi puja for JCSF’s Aadinath’s 25 inches idol and six idols in Bhamati inspired by Swamy Bhattarak Devkirtiji. Scholarly lectures by Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, Swami Bhattarak Devkirtiji and Adarniya Samani Charitra Pragyaji were given about the importance of Pratistha. Then Gadi and coin puja were performed. The evening was celebrated by bhavana and cultural program.


On April 18, 2009, under the spiritual guidance of Vidhikar Narendrabhai Nandu and inspirational music of his team, many puja took place, including kumbh, deep Sthapana, and Jwara Ropan. In addition, there was the inauguration of the Navakar Mantra shila in English and Hindi with chanting and eighteen abhishek for the Shvetamber idols. The day ended with a cultural program from young adults to the Jain Sanedo by the community.


April 19, 2009 began with the beautiful Pratistha Varghoda. In keeping with the heritage of darshanam, following Pratistha were performed: Mulnaik Mahavir (31 inches), Arihant – Living tirthankar Simandhar Swamy (25 inches), and first tirthankar Adinath (25 inches) in Kaussagg Digamber style; Shantinath & Parshvanath (21 inches) followed by 6 Digamber and 18 Shvetamber Tirthankars 15 inches in Bhamati, two Ganadhar, Gautamswamy and Sudharmaswamy; three devis, Padmavati, Lakshmi devi and Saraswati devi; and finally, two devs, Manibhadra Veer and Ghantakaran Veer.


In the afternoon, for knowledge, the JCSF conducted the inauguration of Bhaktamar shila in Sanskrit, and Atmasiddhi in Gujarati with Shreemadji’s photograph in the main hall. For their actions, photographs of Achrya Tulsi, who created the Anuvrata movement, and Achrya Maha Pragyaji, who brought Preksha Dhyan the wider community were unveiled in the library. The beautiful Shatrunjay Pat for pilgrimage was also unveiled. The evening concluded with a beautiful Shalibhadra drama inspired by Samaniji teaching about Tap and Dan.


The Pratistha program culminated in the dwar opening and Laghu Shanti Snatra on April 20, 2009.


President Jayant Shah and all JCSF Management team believe that this unique design of this center is a shining example of Unity and diversity of the Jains. Please visit our web site for our Prathistha celebration photos and smiling faces of young and old.


In conclusion, with continuing support from the community, from its body, mind and soul (Tan, Man and Dhan), having a temple, Hall with carved shashtra, Pathshala, library, and kitchen, the JCSF will serve as a great place for worship and, more importantly, serve as a focal point developing the good character of the south Florida Jain community. The center’s Main Hall’s traditional marble architecture will provide a strong monument for the future generation.


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