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Yogendra Jain Biography

JAINA Executive Committee 2013-15 | JAINA Executive Committee 2011-13

Yogendra Jain


"Preserve and Share a Jain Way of Life is our Vision – to meet this challenge I would like to continue developing and strengthening JAINA infrastructure, grow our organization to 3 full time staff members, and execute 20 distinct projects."



Education: BS Eng., M.S., MBA

Occupation: Engineering and Management

Member Association: Jain Center of Greater Boston (JCGB)


  • Hire 3 full-time staff members
  • Successfully execute 20 projects


Yogendra Jain is a technologist, serial entrepreneur, and a passionate practitioner and promoter of Jain Way of Life.He started his career at MIT Lincoln Labs and Texas Instruments before founding and operating several successful companies.



  • JAINA VP Northeast (2009-13) 
    • Led multiple projects including:
    • 2011 JAINA Convention "Innovative Poster Project”
    • JAINA newsletter
    • JAINA Director Selection Guidelines
    •  Jain Leadership Conference in Siddhachalam
  • Chairman, JAINA Long Range Planning Committee
    • One of the most active JAINA committees 
    • Delivered JAINA Vision/Mission and proposal for strengthening JAINA’s foundation
  • Co-Developer,
    • 1000 registered members and 4000 other users
  • Coordinator and Presenter, Jain Leadership Conference
    • Multiple events and cities
  • Coordinator and Presenter, Jain Kellogg’s Leadership and Strategy Sessions
    • Multiple events
  • Co-Founder, JCGB Pathshala
    • Developed the earliest English course material
  • Coordinator, 1st Jain Teacher’s Conference
    • 80 attendees in Boston
  • Member, JCGB Executive Committee
  • JAINA Director (2 terms)
  • Pathshala Teacher (over 25 years)
    • Currently teaching Level 5B

Writing & Speaking

  • Author, Jain Way of Life ( 
    • Over 2000 books in circulation
  • Presenter and Team Leader, JAINA/YJA Conventions 
    • Groundbreaking projects including:
    • Tattvarth Sutra: Ancient Scriptures Come Alive
    • Comparative Religion
    • Essence of Jainism
    • Rebranding and Repackaging Jainism
    • Discovery of the Soul
    • Strengthening of Faith
    • Measuring JWOL Progress
  • Developed branding of the "Jain Elevator Speech”
    •  A simple way to explain Jainism
  • Presented "Tattvarth Sutra: Ancient Scriptures Come Alive" at Harvard University
  • Presented in India, at YJA, and other multiple forums
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