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World Community Service - JAINA Committee

Committee Activity:
To provide humanitarian services all around the world with emphasis on India. To provide medical services to disadvantage and poor people and rush to emergency disasters such as: Earthquake, Floods, and Hurricane Famine etc.

Contact Information:

Dr. Dhiraj Shah, Chairman,
Prakash Mehta, Co-Chair (Finance), Herndon, VA,

Current Active Projects:

1, WCS of JAINA is one of the sponsors of MEGA medical camp at Palitana from Dec.23rd , 2009 to Jan.9 ,2010
2, WCS of JAINA will be participating in Bidada Medical Camp in January of 2010 and January of 2011 Please Donate
3,WCS of JAINA will be helping victims of natural calamity affecting people anywhere and particularly in India.

 Report of World Community Service from 7-1-2005 to 6-30-2007

  • Since last convention of July 2005 at San Francisco, W.C.S. has continued its humanitarian activities in many areas.I will describe some of the major projects of W.C.S.
  • JAINA with the help of its local partner, Bhartiya Jain Sanghatana built a highs school in Andaman-Nicobar island for the victims of devastating Tsunami of Dec.2004 at the cost of $85760.00
  • JAINA with the help of its local partner, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust also built Permanent Rehabilitation Center for disabled people in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh at NRI hospital to help victims of killer Tsunami of Dec. 2004 at the cost of $89727.29
  • JAINA also continued to help residents of Vardhmannagar, a newly built township by JAINA for the victims of  devastating Gujarat Earthquake of Jan.2001 by donating $80007.69 to purchase more computers,library books, science center equipments, furniture for school and to expedite the construction of  Medical-Dental Clinic and Community Hall.
  • JAINA also contributed $1904.00 to Ratna Nidhi Trust to help victims of record breaking rainfall in Bombay in 2005.
  • JAINA with the help of Jain Society of New Orleans, provided a computer lab. consisting of many computers and printers to Algiers high school  of less privledged students in New Orleans, victims of Katrina Hurricane of August 2005 at the cost of $26650.61
  • JAINA also contributed $5000 to Jain Society of Houston in its efforts to help Katrina victims coming to Houston from Neworleans.
  • JAINA worked with its local partner Ratna Nidhi Trust to help victims of flood in many parts of India ,particularly in Surat in year 2006 by contributing $14468.00

All of these projects are completed and helping victims of  natural calamities.
W.C.S. wants to thank all the donors and JAINA president Kirit Daftari for his cooperation.

Major achievements since inception (in bullets)
  • 1991, when there was an earthquake in Uttar Kashi, UP and the victims were dying due to cold weather, WCS was there to help the victims. In the same year, when there was a drought in Gujarat, WCS was there to feed the animals and thus prevent them from being sent to the butcher’s block.
  • 1992, WCS sent an ambulance to Bahubali, Maharastra and organized a medical camp in Kutch, Gujarat. WCS recruited 40 doctors and volunteers to assist at the camp. At the camp, JAINA treated 19,645 patients and the entire cost of the camp was borne by WCS. Our efforts earned us honor from 30 different institutions, including the Speaker of the Parliament of India as well as Health Minister of India.
  • 1993, when a devastating earthquake jolted the Lathur district of Maharastra, JAINA was there to distribute basic necessities such as food and clothing to the victims. We also built a Jain Nagar at the village of Kwatha of 55 houses and a primary school. WCS, with the help of BJS, also adopted 1500 orphans, victims of the quake.
  • 1994, when an earthquake struck Northridge, CA, WCS was there to help. In the same year, when Ujjain, Rajasthan needed an anesthesia machine, WCS provided one with the help of Dr. Neelam Patel.
  • 1995, when civil war broke out in Rwanda, WCS was there to help the refugees through the American Red Cross. For our contributions, the American Red Cross gave us an Institution of the Year award. In that year, we also sent a phaco emulsification machine for cataract operations to Gondal, India. WCS also established a women’s medical center in tribal area of Gujarat where the women in that region had no access to medical care.
  •  1996, WCS sent 20,000 pounds of used clothes to Bombay to be distributed to the needy in India. We sent computers and a printer to a girl’s high school in Kutch. We also started a free medical dispensary in Vasai, Gujarat. 
  •  At this point, due to all of our humanitarian activities, JAINA was recognized by the United States Agency for International Development as well as by the Ministry of Welfare of the Indian Government. We were provided registration under the Indo-US bilateral agreement of 1966. JAINA is only the 2ndInstitution out of 1500 Indian American Institutions to receive such an honor.
  •  1997, mammography machine was sent to Maru hospital, Bombay, for early detection of breast cancer.
  •  1998, when the cyclone hit Kandla and killed thousands of people and destroyed hundreds of villages, WCS adopted two villages, Ragha and Shekhadia and rebuilt them.
  • 1999, when Kosovo was facing refugee problems due to civil war, WCS contributed $10,000 to the United Nations for their humanitarian work.In the same year, Dr. Pravin Mehta donated stress test machine to a hospital in Bhuj-Kutch through WCS. Dr. Dilip Patel provided three phaco emulsification machines for a hospital in Bihar through WCS. Dr. P. K. Parikh donated endoscopy equipment to a hospital in Bhuj through WCS.   WCS contributed $22,000 to rebuild a small village in Orissa destroyed by the cyclone, which hit the coastal area of Orissa in October 1999. These houses were handed over to the families of victims on January 23, 2001.
  • 2000, WCS sent six tons of milk powder to help children, victims of drought in Gujarat and Rajasthan. WCS also sent a mammography machine to Leva Patel Diagnostic Center in Bhuj for early detection of breast cancer. 
  • January 26, 2001when a massive earthquake in Gujarat killed 30,000 plus people, injured 300,000 people and left three million people homeless, JAINA was there. WCS has rehabilitate 250 families who have lost everything and have no source of income, WCS is build a township, namely Vardhman Nagar, near Bhujodi, Kutch – 6.3 kilometers to the East of Bhuj.  The township is include 250 houses (each unit comprising 367 square feet), a school (primary, middle, and high school will be included), a library, a community center, a medical clinic, and a computer and science center WCS has build primary and middle school, library, community hall  World Community Service of JAINA help earthquake victims of Morbi, Gujarat People of Morbi has formed Sumatinath Nagar for two hundred earthquakes affected family had requested helps from WCS to rehabilitate this people and JAINA contributed $30,000 to Sumatinath Nagar for the house. This contribution helps at least 80 earthquake victims’ families
  •  2001 We have started the "World Trade Center Victim’s Relief Funds; WCS has donated to New York fire fighter fund $12,431
  • 2002 World Community Service of JAINA help riots victims of Ahmedabad, Gujarat  JAINA had contributed more then $1,000 to managing trustee Kumar Pal Desai of Anukampa Trust Ahmedabad, Gujarat to help victims of communal riots.
  • 2003 Purchased School Bus and Ambulance for Gujarat Earthquake victims.
  • 2004 Helped 16 families of K.V.O.Nagar of Bhuj, victims of Gujarat earthquake by providing grant of Rs.60, 000 (sixty thousands) per family to build new house
  • 2005 WCS started Tsunami victim’s fund. We are working with our local partner Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana from Pune, India. We are adopting one school in CFO Nallaha, Middle Andaman, comprising of 8+2 classrooms (6,300Sq. ft.). Construction and set-up for the opening of the school will be completed by the end of May 2005 so that the students can resume their academic year during the 1st week of June 2005
  • 2006, Jaina donated computer Lab to the victims of Katrina Hurricane, in New Orleans, USA
  • 2007, Jaina is donating 40 lakhs rupees to Ratnanidhi Trust and NRI hospital For Premanent rehabilitation center In Guntur District of Andhra pradesh to help victims of Tsunami victims.

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