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307, Rajsheel Apt. 597,
J.S.S. Marg,Chira Bazar, Mumbai-2.
Phone : (022)22060390
Fax : (022)23677409

Samast Mahajan, established in July 2002, and registered under the Charitable Trust Act has been tirelessly working for more than 8 years towards fulfillment of above objectives. The Trust aims to achieve these objectives by making more than 240 Panjrapoles in Gujarat self reliant and protecting more than 1 lack mute cattle, particularly cows and preserving 72,000 acres of pasture land.

"Panjrapole”, you are aware, is a shelter for disabled cattle, discarded by the cattle – breeders considering them as "Useless”, because of their age or sickness or driven away by their owners as they are unable to maintain them due to drought or famine. The system of maintaining such animals was supported by the rich and respected people of society, known as "Mahajans” in the past. Over last 150-200 years, with growing commercialization and mechanization of agriculture, more and more such animals have started becoming redundant. They find their way to "Panjrapoles”, if they manage to escape their way or are saved from sending to slaughterhouses.

Samast Mahajan’s initiative has received support from today’s "Mahajans” ( Donors ) who have assumed a social responsibility of making these "Panjrapoles” self reliant. Today, more than 30 Panjrapoles maintaining more than 30,000 cattle and covering 12,000 acre pasture land are on their way to become self reliant.

Samast Mahajan ensures the efficient establishment and maintenance of these "Panjrapoles” on "Aryan Model” which will help in achieving the four fold objective of "Jal-Raksha”, "Van-Raksha”,”Bhu-Raksha” and "Pashu-Raksha”.

Social Activities

1. Panjrapole

· Pashu Aavas

· Gochar Vikas

· Grass Preservation

· Water Conservation

· Tree Plantation

· Chabutaro

· Water Tanks for Drinking Water

· Goat Vatika

· Animal Hospital

· Animal Ambulance

2. Boarding Schools

· Providing Residential & Educational Facility to Sadharmik Children

· Adoption of a Sadharmik child / Education of a child

3. Ahinsha Shop

4. Jeevdaya & Karuna

· Medicines for Animals

· Medical Checkups Camp

· Feed for Fishes and Ants

· Food for Dogs & Street Animals

· Save Animals from Slaughter Houses

Rain water Harvesting is also one of the master creations just to feature Eco-tel development in the hostel.

The Garden has been awarded HARIT PUNE PURASKAR by the Pune Municipal Corporation.

We believe in the moto


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