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B-11, Virat Bhawan, 
Mukherjee nagar commercial complex 
Dr. Manjari Gopal 9810763128
Mrs. Kusum Jain 9811193170
New Delhi.

We came together as a group in June 1992 to fight the gross injustices inflicted on our children in the name of education. We have been observing with increasing concern that education on the whole is suffering from a deep malaise; deficient text books, narrowly conceived yet over burdening curriculum, inefficient teaching, proliferation of expensive coaching classes and guide books, lack of laboratory and library facilities and to top it all a decayed examination system.

Soon we realised that there were parents from all walks of life who share a common concern for future generations. We feel that the present state of education is due to public ignorance and apathy as well as to the bureaucratic ‘Iron Frame’. The need for a forum was felt where concerned people could collectively work in order to bring meaningful changes in our education.

The ‘Parents’ Forum for Meaningful Education’ is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi with the Registration No. S/ 24403/1993.


The most precious asset of any nation is its people and the values they cherish. Students of today are the decision-makers and the nation builders of tomorrow. The aim of this Forum is to help reshape our current educational system at all levels and keep it updated so as to make it comparable with the best in the world and the best in our tradition. To this end, we propose the aims and objects for which the society is established are as under:

· To provide State and National Legislatures, academic and educational bodies and all other concerned with the information necessary to keep educational system constantly updated to enable it meet the changing needs and challenges. This includes: developing more meaningful teaching practices, increasing the autonomy of institutions, and reforming an archaic examination system.

· To enlist the support of individuals and institutions – private and public – in influencing our deliberative bodies to develop the best quality education our society is capable of.

· To work for accountability in the educational system at all levels.

· To promote greater interaction between parents, teachers and students.

· To encourage more meaningful participation of students in the educational process.

· To help develop values and inculcate tolerance towards all beliefs and beings.

· To hold Conferences, Seminars, debates, Symposia – and explore all other means to develop a pedagogically sound basis for meaningful education in our country.

· To publish whatever articles, journals, books, and papers necessary to help achieve the goals of the Forum. And in addition, to increase public awareness by promoting discussions on educational issues in the media.

· To do all other things as may be required to further the aims and objects of the forum.

We would like to

· To make learning as the goal of education, to encourage students' active participation in the process of learning.

· To relate learning with surroundings and with practical experience. It should not be confined to class-room lectures.

· To work for meaningful curriculum. Make sports, culture, art, and other activities as an integral part of curriculum and to provide stress free classroom environment

· To work to ensure that children are not subjected to Corporal Punishment in schools and they receive education in an environment of freedom and dignity, free from fear. Delhi High Court Judgement on Banning Corporal Punishment.

· To work for inspiring textbooks and other related material for self learning;

· To bring cohesion in the diffused system of education that we have at present. To investigate why large number of students dropout from school? And find ways to bring them back to the school.

· To provide information to students about various career opportunities;

· To provide counselling service to students and parents.

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