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Lil - 24 Tirthankars

Li’l Jain Corner


Title:  24 Tirthankars


Age Group:  3-6 years old


Objectives:  To familiarize children with who is a Tirthankar.

                      To be able to recite the names of the 24 Tirthankars with assistance.


Materials:  Crayons

                    Access to the Internet


Time to complete: Over 2 ½  weeks with ~10 minute short daily lessons.

To learn any material that requires memorization, a child should be exposed to the names numerous times.   Daily exposure and practice is necessary in order to learn all 24 names.


Day 1 -Activity 1

Day 2- review activity 1 and do activity 2. 

Day 3 – Activity 3

Day 4 – Select a game from Activity 4 and start with Activity 5

Day 5-16 – Activity 5 and games from activity 4




            Activity 1:

                        Whom do we pray to?

Songs from website:

Bhagwan Mahavir – (scroll down to WHOM DO I PRAY?)


Explain to your child:  Bhagwan Mahavir is our 24th (last) Tirthankar.  We pray to be like him.  He was a prince who was born very long ago.  He did a lot of prayers and meditation and then became a Bhagwan.  We are going to learn the names of all 24 Tirthankars and how they became Tirthankars.  They are our gods. 



Activity 2:

How to become a Tirthankara?

1.      Discuss this with your child.

What are the Pancha kalyank?

At a basic level the Pancha = five kalyanka = Auspcious/Holy Event, thus these are the five holy events of a Tirthankar's life:  Garbha, Janma, Tap/Diksha, Keval and finally Moksha.   


Kalyanak - Auspicious mile stone event, a phenomenal incident, a occasion of supreme beneficence. They are five in the life of a Tirthankar : Conception, birth, initiation, attainment of perfect enlightenment and final liberation.


2.     Download and review </resource/resmgr/lil_jain_corner/3-Lesson-PanchKalyank.doc>
with your child and review the steps for becoming a Tirthankar.  It is important for our children to know that our Tirthankars are real people, and what path they took to become a Tirthankar.



Garbha -  a Bhagwan is comes into a mothers womb (tummy).

Janma – a Bhagwan is born.

Tap/Diksha – he does prayers.  Beginning of ascetic/monk life. 

Keval – he obtains lots of knowledge, omniscience

Moksha kalayank – he becomes a bhagwan.

Original picture:


Activity 3: See and Listen.

Click on this wav file and listen to the 24 Tirthankaras.  Here is one version of the names done with Hindi numbers.  You can do your own, with English or Gujurati numbers and the name of the 24 Tirthankars.  It is important to see a picture and listen to the name of the Tirthankara at the same time.  Looking at the page of 24 Tirthankar, have your child point to each one as each one is recited.  Over time your child will start reciting with the audio.

Download these:

Audio list of 24 Tirthankar names:  

List of 24 Tirthankars with symbols: 


Activity 4:  Familiarize.

This activity helps familiarize your child with the names and symbols of the 24 Tirthankaras.

Prepare the flashcards:

1.  Print out the following document


                                         2.  I recommend using a heavy paper or stock card when printing these 3 pages.   

Note: Images for these flashcards were obtained from Coloring Book located at

Cutout the cards 

3.      Color each card.  You can extend this activity over several days.  Maybe do 5 a day, while going over the names of each of the Tirthankar. 


Here are a variety of traditional children games using newly created flashcards


Option 1: Flashcards – need only one copy of flashcard.  You can select the first 5 and use the symbols as memory points to help remember the names.  Go through the first five cards several times.  Over the next ~10 days, you can add couple more cards and help add in memorizing the names of the Tirthankars.


Option 2: Matching– need 2 copies of the flashcard file.  Maybe start off with 5 pairs and have them scattered on the table or floor all mixed up, faced up.  Have your child then find a pair and then you can practice reciting the names of the Tirthankar.  In the end put them in numerical order.  Over time add more sets of Tirthankars.


Option 3: Memory – need 2 copies of the flashcard file.  Same as above however, this time add a little challenge with turning them facedown.


Activity 5:  Memorizing with assistance.

Practice with your child on a daily basis using the list of 24 Tirthankars given in Activity 3 and the sound file, or your own voice. 

My suggestion is once for you to repeat the entire list. 

Then each day work on learning two more. 

Key notes:

  • The numbers can be stated in English, Hindi or Gujurati.
  • It is important to stay consistent in the format of  repeating the names.
  • Visuals are very good learning tool for children. 
  • While repeating the names use your fingers to indicate what number Tirthankara you are on.
  • While repeating the names show the picture of the symbol.


For example: 

                               Learn 2 at a time.

  • Learn 2 at a time.
  • Day 1 – Say
  •  1 Rishabhdevji 
  • 2 Ajitnathji
  • Say it 10 times while looking at the picture. 
  • Day 2 – Repeat the first 2 Tirthankara and add the next 2
  • Each day add 2 more.


Don’t forget to use your little fingers!!                                             




Here is some background knowledge about the 24 Tirthankars for parents


Here is background knowledge about Pancha Kalayanaka




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