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JAINA Calendar Letter 2011
JAINA Calendar - Getting ready for mailing - Please UPDATE your address on to insure timely arrival

Dear Dharambandhu,                                                          

Jai Jinendra!


JAINA is delighted to present you the JAINA 2010 Calendar. This year's calendar continues its Yatra of the rich history of Jain Temple Art & Architecture. These pictures of 12 architecturally and historically important Jain Temples and Jain Tirths dispersed throughout India and the USA, depict the richness and vastness of Jain culture.


The JAINA 2010 Calendar includes the unique Astrological concept of 9 Navgraha (Planets) and 8 Karmas (Deeds). Jainism says that these planets have ‘Akritrim’ (Self Made) temples of 24 ‘Tirthankars’ (Absolute Souls). During the birth of our Tirthankars, these planets were in their most auspicious position. These planets throw light and indicate what Karmas are occurring and will come into an individual’s life. This light gives indications which get filtered through the respective zodiac signs and planetary combinations of one’s existence to cause a good or adverse effect on one’s life. When we realize that our Karmas are obscuring us from our path to Moksha, we should pray to the respective Tirthankars to bring us out of  doubt and help us come closer to the right path.


Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response by the Jain Community, we are again able to freely distribute 11,000 copies of the JAINA 2010 Calendar to Jain families across North America and other parts of the world. Over 3,500 sets of the JAINA Mini - Library have been distributed to all those who responded and requested these Book Sets. We hope to continue to make these Book Sets available to selected College Libraries and to all the Jain Center's Pathsala Teachers in North America.


We are also very excited to let you know that early next year we will be launching a new JAINA Project, an extensive hard bound 4-color Coffee Table Book of Ancient Jain Temples geographically spread throughout India. This book will be laid out as a tourist guide companion with the Temples categorized by the States and Regions of India. The book will include full color pictures of over 40 important Jain Temples alongside related text explaining the historical, architectural & religious significance and general location of each temple.


All our past success has been possible only by the wholehearted financial contributions and valuable suggestions from thoughtful individuals like you. JAINA Calendar Committee and JAINA Executive Board sincerely thank you for your continued contribution towards this educational activity and welcome your strong support to enable us to continue this project incorporating all of your valuable suggestions.


Please take a moment to fill out the enclosed JAINA 2010 Calendar Response form and mail it in the enclosed pre-addressed envelope with your Tax-Deductible Contribution check made to JAINA Calendar. In this difficult economic climate many charitable institutions have suffered steep declines in contributions… we are no exception to this. 

Please Donate generously(Click here..) as this Non-Profit project is entirely Supported by your Valuable Donations, which makes it possible for us to freely distribute this Calendar to over 11,000 Jain Families.


Wishing you all a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and a Peaceful New Year.


Warm Regards,


Rajeev Pandya


Chairman, JAINA Calendar and Mini Library Committee

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