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2015 Summer Interns - Meet the Team!
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2015 Summer Interns

The three interns, along with manager, Parth Savla, have been working on various tasks ranging from convention support to web development. Here are the interns and a little about them:

Smita Jain

Smita is currently a rising sophomore at the University of California Berkeley, where she is studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. During high school, Smita took charge of a plant business for three years and helped grow it from a profit of $2000 to $6000. She also volunteered her time at the library and in the school as a peer tutor. In college, she is a part of the Rotaract Club in which she volunteers at various events and also works on bringing together professionalism and service. Smita looks forward to getting more involved with the Jain community and using her resources and skills to benefit fellow Jains. In her free time, Smita enjoys making all types of different smoothies and drinks for her family and friends and is also an avid reader.

"I am so happy to finally be contributing to the Jain community in a bigger way while learning so much about my religion and culture. Working in a startup environment has helped me grow in my technical skills and it’s amazing to see the direct effects of all of my work. Furthermore, the positivity that comes with this internship, especially with our morning reflections and discussions, has made this experience an invaluable one."

Deep Haria

Deep is an emerging senior at Pennsylvania State University, Berks majoring in Information Science Technology with specialization in both Integration & application and Design & development along with a minor in Business. He came to US in August’14 as a transferring Junior from India. During  college days, Deep has worked as lead project manager and helped a local automotive company redesign their website. He has also designed a Calendar App in Android in which you can keep a check list of your assignments, tasks along with various priority notifications. He has assisted his professor in college to develop a system which integrates the database along with the user interface to design the course scheduling process electronically. Furthermore, Deep looks forward to complete his school and start contributing towards the community and gain professional experience. Deep is a passionate traveller who loves to drive, play cricket and stay updated with the latest gadgets.

"Dedication and determination will help you achieve your goals! When i first landed here, i was bothered, whether i would be able to find Jain derasar, will i be able to celebrate Paryushan, Navratri etc. But after seeing the Jain Community so closely knit, taking out time from busy and hectic schedule, celebrating each festival, encouraging children to take part in each activity it felt like home to me! The golden opportunity which i got to serve Jaina and Team has not only strengthen my IT skills but also given me an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about Jainism."

Darshi Shah

Darshi is going to be an incoming freshman at Boston University where she plans on majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Technology Innovation & Neuroscience. Since past few years, Darshi has been volunteering at Miriam hospital in Providence, RI and has helped to serve the community better. She moved to the United States in September 2013. In her high school career, Darshi has played some leadership roles as a part of Student Council, Math Team. Science Olympiad, Life Society, Innovation Council etc. She was also a Co-founder of Astronomy club and has participated & earned several medals in various science, math & informatics olympiads. Darshi is also a recipient of several International & national paintings from 7 countries globally like, USA, Greece, Argentina, Belarus etc. Back in India, she has contributed her artistic skills in designing campaign posters for several NGOs who stood up for Girl Education, Gender Equality, Environmental Protection. Since age 12, Darshi has been fond of tutoring and volunteered at UCMAS (Mental Arithmetic organization) and at her school tutoring center to provide academic help.
She loves to read, travel, attend informative seminars and sharing ideas. Darshi is a big fan of cleaning and organization of personal belongings and promotes her friends and family to do the same!

"When you achieve, you feel a sense of self-pride, but when you help someone achieve, you feel conscientiously accomplished. My parents always taught me to help anyone who is need in any possible way we can. What we have are not all luxuries, they are privileges that are meant to be used to serve the community, we have gained so much from. My contribution to fundraising for homeless senior citizens and Jain Sangh Disaster relief fund was an inspiration from the Jain values of compassion and contribution. Our coordinator, Parth has influenced me developing an insight in finding meaning in everything we do good in life."

Parth Savla

Parth Savla is an entrepreneur and strategist. He founded and runs TruVizon Designs, a web services company.  With 10+ years of experience in business development, Parth looks forward to contributing to JAINA's future success.   In his leisure time, he enjoys life coaching with courses conducted by Landmark Education, spending time with friends, baking, and singing karaoke.

"My vision for JAINA over the next 2 years is to continue developing and strengthening JAINA infrastructure into one centralized office, grow our organization to 3 full time staff members, an active volunteer corps, and 20 active projects.  Collaborate regularly with Young Jain Professionals (YJP) and Young Jains of America (YJA) to create valuable offerings which engage all generations.  To establish JAINA as a household name amongst the Jain community."  

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