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JAIN Leadership
The following are the presentations / discussions that took place at the 2010 Jain Leadership Conference:

Letter to LRP Conference Attendees - See below the copy of email which was sent to all Attendees.

JAINA 2020 Vision April 2010 - JAINA Vision for JAINA for short term and long term with specific projects

JAINA Short Term and Long Term Plan - JAINA's short term goals for year 2010 and 2011

JAINA Financial Strategy Presentation - This is a presentation on JAINA financial strategy.

JAINA Fund Raising Strategy - Various strategies on JAINA Fund Raising presented at the Leadership conference.
Execution Plan April 3, 2010 - This is a draft of the execution plan that was discussed in the conference

JAINA Infrastructure Needs - This is a presentation on the current infrastructure challenges facing JAINA

Meeting Agenda - This is the agenda for the conference

Below is a link to a short survey.  Please share your feedback with us.

LRP Conference Attendees,
Jai Jinendra.  The LRP Team would like to Thank You for your participation and involvement this weekend.  We had a spectacular two and a half days at Siddhachalam in the wonderful atmosphere of tranquility and positive energy.  We had some phenomenal discussions about both the successes and challenges we see as Jains and as JAINA.  Through our directed brainstorming and the guided Dream, Discovery, Design and Delivery methodology, we produced a great deal of solutions and realistic implementation plans.
Now our real work begins.  We’ve laid out a plan of action for 3 primary objectives and determined specific time frames for them.
1.       Financial Sustainability
2.       Executive Office
3.       Directed Projects
With this specific agenda, we now move toward the delivery phase.  We’ve begun preliminary discussions around a business plan that would include the details to make these projects succeed.  We all have a role in making these goals a reality!  Let’s be sure to take the lead in our groups, enable the discussions to show progress, and keep the larger LRP teams and JAINA executive board informed of our progress.
We will plan to hold a teleconference in the next two weeks during which we will review our progress  both during the Siddhachalam meeting this weekend and, most importantly, deliver updates of work done since this meeting.  Please be on the look out for a teleconference invitation.
Additionally, please be sure to take a few minutes and send us your comments about your impressions from the meeting.  We really look to all the attendees feedback in order to create an agenda, form a plan, and meet expectations when we plan these leadership meetings.  Your comments are incredibly valuable and taken to heart.  Please send your comments to me (, Yogendra bhai ( and anyone else you feel would benefit from reading them.  We will be happy to share your comments or keep them confidential as you prefer.  You will also be able to access the content, presentation and notes from the conference on the Jain Leadership link from via JainLink here  Other information will be available there shortly.
Later today you will also see a survey about the conference.  Jigar Vora, along with several members of the LRP team, has been diligently putting together important questions that will also assist in molding our vision and direction.  Please make sure to take 5 minutes and complete the survey once you receive it.  Our goal is to have 100% feedback from all 50 attendees by the end of the weekend.
Lastly, but not leastly, we would like to thank several people who worked hard to make this weekend possible.  First, the Siddhachalam executive board, Jaipat bhai, and staff.  They were incredibly gracious hosts and so supportive of anything that we needed.  Second, Ashvin Mehta, JAINA HQ Administrator.  He was a tremendous resource in putting together logistics and transportations support, as well as initial conference registration publicity.  We also owe a big Thank You to Dipak Jain for providing great insight on our work and offering guidance on the management, branding and marketing direction we hope to take.  His inspiration and leadership really do help drive our effort.
Once again, thank you to everyone for attending and we look forward to working with everyone.  (enjoy the attached picture as well!)
LRP Team
Yogendra Jain, Prem Jain, Hema Pokharna, Manoj Jain, Sushil Jain, Lata Champsee, Sonia Ghelani, Manish Mehta, Dipak Doshi and Chintan Shah

2010 Jain Leadership Conference

Invitation by Dr. Dipak Jain (Past Dean of Kellogg Business School)
to the 5thAnnual Kellogg Jain Leadership Conference
Siddhachalam, April 2-4, 2010
Jai Jinendra,
This is an announcement for our 5thAnnual Kellogg conference sponsored by JAINA Leadership/Long Range Planning.

We as Jains and Jain organizations must collectively share a unified vision of Jainism. Over the past four years JAINA’s Long Range Planning Committee together with Jain leaders has developed a vision for the future of Jainism in North America. Dipak Jain, past Dean of Kellogg School of Management, invited Jain leaders from across USA and Canada to a historic first summit to discuss the future of Jainism in North America on April 15-17, 2005 at the Kellogg School of Business in Chicago. This landmark first meeting was followed up a year later by a second meeting that included over 65 leaders from JAINA and Jain Centers across the US and Canada. Led by Dipak Jain and Prem Jain, these four conferences introduced concepts of management and organization that can be applied to improving the performance and involvement of our Jain community.

The attendees must have a passion to serve the Jain community. In previous conferences we have:
- Shared a common vision and goals for future of Jainism in North America
- Learned new unique skills to lead and execute on Jain projects
- Expanded our leadership and communication skills
- Met and exchanged ideas for best practices.

This year, the conference's theme will be How to Deliver on a National Infrastructure for JAINISM in three key areas:
1. Financial sustainability– short and long term
2. Executive office – serving Jain community and the broader society
3. Process of growing the local centers and JAINA through appreciative inquiry
 Discovery –> Dream –> Design –> Delivery
To attend this conference, the following attendee background is recommended:
- Strong interest in working on Jain projects in the future (up to 2 hours per week)
- Skills and experience in non-profit project execution for at least 2 years
- Strong communication skills
- Knowledge of internet based applications such as email
JAINA Leadership/ Long-Range Planning Team is grateful to Siddhachalam Jain Tirth for agreeing to host this event. In appreciation, please do not hesitate to make donations to Siddhachalam. To know more about Siddhachalam, please visit www.siddhachalam.orgAll participants are requested to observe Siddhachalam rules and regulations, including those relating to food, drinks, smoking, lighting of fire, playing of music, respect for all sects and religions, etc. Details available at Siddhachalam or upon request to us.
Help join us create the future we want for Jainism and JAINA in North America. The registration cost is $101 and includes two days of lodging and meals. We request attendees to join us at Siddhachalam by 6pm EST on Friday for dinner and networking, and stay until 1pm EST on Sunday.  If you would like to attend or get more information, please contact us at:,  

Thank you,
JAINA Leadership/Long Range Planning Team
Dipak Doshi (IL), Sonia Ghelani (TX), Manoj Jain (TN), Prem Jain (CA), Yogendra Jain (MA),
 Manish Mehta (MI), Hema Pokharna (IL), Chintan Shah (MA), and others
Here is what past attendees had to say about the conferences:

"This was one of the best planned conferences I have attended"
"Being in presence of Dr. Dipak Jain is a great learning experience"
"I did not know there were so many free tools and support available from JAINA and its Committees to help our community"
"Educating and strengthening Leadership will greatly benefit me not only on Jain projects but in my work place as well"
"I have learned a great deal on how to execute on my Jain projects from my small center"
"I met many very accomplished people and leaders at this conference"

Pictures from Past Conferences:
Attendees at the 2005 Jain Leadership Conference
Attendees at the 2006 Jain Leadership Conference
Attendees at the 2007/2008 Jain Leadership Conference

"My compass is Samyak Gyan, Samyak Darshan, and Samyak Charitra." 

"The elevator of success is out of order. Take the stairs, one step at a time."

"To the world you may be a person, but to a person, you may be the world."

- Quotes by Dr. Dipak Jain
Past Dean of Kellogg Buisness School


Conference registration cost including lodging and meal is $101
Conference begins at 6pm EST on Friday, April 2 until 1pm EST on Sunday, April 4. 
(student discounts available)

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