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Crossword Puzzle #2
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Crossword Puzzle

1) The word for non - possession used by Jains.
7) The first of the 'Three Jewels' by which all Jains must live.

2) The daily prayer asking for forgiveness from all living things.
3) Avoiding violence to all living things.
4) The five 'great vows' taken by Jain monks and nuns.
5). The word used by Jains for not stealing or taking more than they need.
6). The name of the person who said 'Do not injure, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture or kill any creature or living thing.


Across:1) Aparigraha 7) Samyakdarshan

Down:2) Pratikramana 3) Ahimsa 4) Vrata 5) Asteya 6) Mahavira

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