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2015 JAINA Budget Questionnaire Response

Calendar Committee I JAINA Calendar Website I Volunteer Interest Survey

Calendar Committee 2015 JAINA Budget Questionnaire Response

New Project Plans for Year  2015


Showcase 12 architecturally important Jain Temples and Jain Tirths dispersed throughout India in the JAINA 2015 Calendar.




JAINA Calendar Website for Digital Access to JAINA Calendar Content, JAINA Calendar Requests & On Line Donations. This Project was undertaken in October 2011 and completed in January 2012 -


We will be launching a new JAINA Project, an extensive hard bound 4-Color Coffee Table Book of Ancient Jain Temples geographically spread throughout India. This book will be laid out as a tourist guide companion with the Temples categorized by the States and Regions of India. The book will include full color pictures of over 40 important Jain Temples alongside related text explaining the historical, architectural & religious significance and general location of each temple. We have already started working on this project and are planning to launch this Coffee Table Book by end of next year in 2016. Additional information will be provided in the next few months.


What Resources Are Requested from JAINA?

We are already getting co-operation from JAINA HQ and JAINA President and Committee Chairpersons in the process of production and distribution of JAINA Calendars and other related issues as below:


  1. Coordinate with JAINA HQ for the JAINA Write-up & JAINA Lists & JAINA Committees & JAIN Centers & Presidents.
  2. Coordinate with the JAINA President & the JAINA Committee Chairpersons for any last minute changes in JAINA Write-up & JAINA Committees Information.
  3. Coordinate with JAINA Convention Committee & Marketing Dept for the inclusion of the JAINA Convention Registration Info to be included with the JAINA Calendars.
  4. Coordinate with the JAINA HQ for mailing & distribution of the JAINA Calendars through mailing house.
  5. Coordinate with JAINA HQ for any changes in Members Addresses, Requests for Additional Calendars, and updates to JAINA Members Lists.
  6. Coordinate with JAINA Treasurer for donations, payments & reconciliations of the JAINA Calendar Committee accounts.

Committee’s Activity Report

How active is your committee? (very active/active/dormant/not needed anymore)

Very Active

How often does the committee meet? (Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-annually/Annually)

Whenever needed via conference calls and personal meetings wherever possible. 

How does the Committee meet? (In person at common location/teleconference/Both)


Committee members responsible for email/web content is:


How active are your current Committee members? (very active/active/not active)


How many committee members under 40 years age are active in your committee?


Committee Succession Plan: What is your Committee's Chair Person and Committee member succession plan?

None as of now.

Would you like new (younger) Committee volunteers referred to your Committee?

Yes – those interested in working on the JAINA Temple Book for Layout, Design & Copyright work.

Type and Frequency of Outreach/Public Awareness by Committee:

Please state how often and by what means do you reach out to:

By distribution of JAINA Calendars to over 14,500 families in North America and over 350 calendars across the world.


Do you contribute articles regularly to Jain Digest?


Committee Budget: For JAINA Calendar

Yearly Est for 2015

Avg. Yearly Expense Budget:


Avg. Yearly Revenues from Sales:


Avg. Yearly Donations Received:

As above

Support Requested from JAINA:

Please list the support you need from JAINA/other Committees – Try and be as specific as possible and indicate the time horizon for each of your need(s):


We would like volunteers to help with the JAINA Temple Book for the Layout, Design & Copyright work.





If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with the JAIN Calendar Committee to support their various projects, please email:

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