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JAINA eLibrary News Letter 2012-01

Thursday, March 1, 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Manju AN
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It gives us a great pleasure to bring you this first newsletter, specially designed to bring you the news related to Jain eLibrary and Jaina Education (Pathashala) Books. We plan to bring this news letter monthly, but while we get organized, the frequency may fluctuate. We will provide you with the following information.

The following details show a status of Jain eLibrary progress. The data is cumulative since the Jain eLibrary went online approximately three years ago.

Statistics on Jain eLibrary (

Total Items in Library


Total Visitors




Countries of Visitors




Registered Users






Total Downloads


Audio Files




New Items added

See attached file



List of Books & Articles Published

A list of new books and articles added in last 60 days is attached with this news letter. In future we will continue to attach the new list since the last publication of this newsletter.

You can also download the complete catalogue of all eLibrary books, articles, and audio files (xls format) from the following link located in the middle of the home page of the eLibrary website "All files of eLibrary".$z_elib_files.pdf

Your Suggestion and Recommendation

If you desire to see a particular Jain literature book useful for Jain academic study be made available on the eLibrary, let us know and we will attempt to make the item available on eLibrary. In addition, if you have a specific book in PDF format and want to share the book with the community by placing it on the eLibrary, send us the PDF file for review. Please note that the copy righted material cannot be placed on the Jain eLibrary website.

In addition, please advise us what other information we can provide you to help you utilize the eLibrary effectively.

Jain eLibrary News Group

If you are not a member of the Jain eLibrary News Google Group, we invite you to become a member. To subscribe please send an e-mail to the following address with "Subscribe" in the subject line (copy paste the following address and sent an e-mail).

This is a Jain library news group. You will receive only eLibrary and education related information. To minimize messages in group members’ mailboxes, the group plans to limit 2 to 4 emails in a month. The group members are prohibited from publishing information directly for distribution to the group members.

Jaina Education (Pathashala) Books on Amazon

You can buy hard copies of all Jaina Education Books on Amazon. The price of each book on Amazon excludes shipping charges of $3.99 per book. You can also buy these books on website.

Jaina Education (Pathashala) Books on Kindle

All Jaina Education books are now available on Kindle. The price for Kindle books are $0.99 or $1.99. However you can download these books from Jain eLibrary website (pdf file) free of charge.

Jain eLibrary DVD Sets Purchase Information

The following table provides the price information of DVD Set-1(4 DVDs), Set-2(4 DVDs) and Set1 and 2 together called DVD Set-3 (8 DVDs).

To order the DVDs online, please go to Jain e-Library Website Home Page and click the link "Buy Jain Books on DVD"



India – Purchase

in Person

India - Purchase

Via Mail Order *

USA & Other Countries

Via Mail Order *




Pages of

Jain Literature

DVD Set-1

DVDs No 1 – 4

Rs. 200.00

Rs. 300.00




DVD Set-2

DVDs No 5 – 8

Rs. 200.00

Rs. 300.00




DVD Set-3

Both Sets 1, 2 DVDs No 1 – 8

Rs. 400.00

Rs. 500.00




*Via Mail Order prices include shipping and handling.

Terms of Use:

The information contained on the Jain eLibrary website and on the published DVDs is for personal, private and individual use only. Its distribution in any form and for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial, is prohibited. It should not be copied to display the material on other websites.

We request you to respect the above conditions in the true spirit of Jain religion. We assure you that we do not make any profit on any of the JAINA Education project. All of us are volunteer workers. The entire eLibrary project is funded through contribution received from America and around the world.


1. All DVDs will be shipped from Ahmedabad (Gujarat) India.

2. You will receive DVDs within 4 to 5 weeks.

3. Soft copy Catalogue is available in all DVD (xls file). Hence, in line with Jain ecology principle, we have discontinued printed catalogue of the new/old DVD sets.

4. If you do not receive DVDs in four weeks, please e-mail to both education@jaina.organd

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