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Latest News: JAINA

eJain News Flash June 15, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Yogendra Jain
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June 15, 2010

Volume 1

  Issue 1

In this eJain News Flash

- Report from Haiti Mission
- Upcoming Pratistha Events
- News from Jain Centers
- Another successful Scholar Program
- Stamps to the Rescue
- MIS Ads for Jain Men and Women



WELCOME to the FIRST issue of the eJain NewsFlash!

We take immense pleasure in introducing "eJain NewsFlash", the new monthly electronic publication of eJain Digest. The eJain Digest was introduced last year to replace the print version of Jain Digest magazine. With the introduction of eJain NewsFlash, we intend to separate the news from the eJain digest articles. eJain NewsFlash will focus on a variety of news items and eJain Digest will publish articles related to Jainism and its principles. This change will allow eJain Digest editorial team to bring the news to you on a more frequent basis in a timely fashion.  We hope that you find the items covered in this publication informative and helpful. We welcome your comments and suggestions to provide information that is relevant and useful to you. Please contact us at



WELCOME to the FIRST issue of the eJain NewsFlash!

We take immense pleasure in introducing "eJain NewsFlash", the new monthly electronic publication of eJain Digest. The eJain Digest was introduced last year to replace the print version of Jain Digest magazine. With the introduction of eJain NewsFlash, we intend to separate the news from the eJain digest articles. eJain NewsFlash will focus on a variety of news items and eJain Digest will publish articles related to Jainism and its principles. This change will allow eJain Digest editorial team to bring the news to you on a more frequent basis in a timely fashion.  We hope that you find the items covered in this publication informative and helpful. We welcome your comments and suggestions to provide information that is relevant and useful to you. Please contact us at


From the President

Following the successful launch of eJain Digest in the fall of 2009, I am pleased to bring you the first issue of eJain NewsFlash; a shorter version of the digest focusing on the news.

Here are some of the JAINA events that I attended:

5thAnnual Leadership conference at Siddhachalam   

Dr. Dipak Jain along with other community leaders and volunteers gathered at Siddhachalam in April 2010. It was a well attended event with enthusiastic participation by all attendees. A few new initiatives will be launched in a short time to assure continued success of Jain Centers and JAINA.

YJP activities:  In the spirit of JAINA’s greater efforts to increase Jain awareness and build inter-faith partnerships, YJP is involved in the campaign for "vegetarian meals across school cafeterias.”  YJP convention on cruise was a success. There were 100 participants. Everyone had fun along with some learning.

Haiti Earthquake Victims: In the month of May a team of thirteen medical personnel and volunteers visited Haiti. It really was an experience of lifetime. Besides providing a much needed medical help, JAINA members donated 100 tents to homeless Haitians. We contributed over $30,000 towards tents plus 15,000 worth of medical supplies and equipments. The project was spearheaded by Dr. Sushil Jain with lots of help from Dr. Nitin Shah and Prakash Mehta. To read more details about the visit to Haiti, please read the "Mission to Haiti” article in this issue.

Visit to various centers: I had very informative and cordial town hall meetings at four Jain Centers in Florida. I received very warm welcome from the members of all four Jain Centers. We had a discussion on the mutual issues and talked about their role in JAINA.

Deepika Dalal, Regional VP of South East and I visited Jain Center of South Florida, (Ft. Lauderdale), Jain Society of Central Florida, Inc.(Orlando), Jain Society of Tampa Bay and Jain Center of Ft. Myers.

During my Los Angeles visit, I had the opportunity to meet Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Jain Center of Southern California. We talked about JAINA activities and the successful Pratishtha at their center.

Adhtyamic Seminar: Four Days Adhyatmic Seminar was held,  while celebrating Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami's 121st Janma Jayanti at Jain Center of Southern California, Los Angeles. It was accomplished with grand success. It was graced by scholars like Rajendra Kamdar and Ramesh Parekh.

Jain Milan: A successful Jain Milan event was held in New Jersey.

I hope to get continued support for this forum with your contributions, views, opinions and experiences for the current and the next issue. I am excited about the next issue of eJain Digest, which will, focus on Jain sadhus and sadhvis. You will learn more about the next issue in the following pages. I personally love the brevity and timeliness of Flash and would be happy to get your feedback on it. Your encouragement and support helps the eJain Digest team to strive for excellence.

With Warmest Regards

Lata Champsee, President


Upcoming Events

Ashtapad Pratishtha

 First of its kind in North America and probably in the world, Ashtapad Pratishtha Mahotsav ceremonies will be held in Mid June 2010 at the Derasar in Queens, NY.  Jain Centre of New York has created a replica of Shri Ashtäpad Tirth at the temple. Ashtapad Mountain is made up of crystal, weighing approx. 7.5 tons and all idols are made from various colored gemstones.  Be a part of this historic event. For details, visit


Pratishtha at Boston

Jain Center of Greater Boston, one of the first Jain Centers and temple, has purchased a large facility in Norwood and will be moving its temple there. The Pratishtha ceremony is being planned on June 26-27, 2010. Visit for more details.


Pratishtha at Cleveland 

JAIN Society of Greater Cleveland is planning a grand Pratishtha Mahotsav of their new Temple from Friday, July 2 to Tuesday. July 6, 2010. Visit for more details.


YJA Convention  

July 4th Weekend, 2010 in NJ – Preparations are in full swing and all Jain Centers are being urged  to help the young generation to enable them to retain our Jain Heritage. Visit


YJP activities  

  •  In the spirit of JAINA’s greater efforts to increase Jain awareness and build inter-faith partnerships, YJP is involved in the campaign for "vegetarian meals across school cafeterias”. 
  • The YJP convention was held from June 4-7 2010 on Bahamas Cruise.
  • There are other YJP fun events being planned, including an open mike in Washington, DC as well as dinner events in Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Toronto


Jain Center of Northern California - 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Jain Bhawan

August 5 to 8, 2010 - Preparations to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the JAIN BHAWAN are in full swing. The theme of this celebration is Non-Violence, Peace & Harmony. Events being planned include eclectic speakers to address current issues, an inter-faith panel discussion with representatives from all the major religions, various cultural programs highlighted by a major dance program and Jain prayer ceremonies. Visit for more details.


Conference in Ottawa, Canada on August 27, 2010

Seminars on Social Consciousness and approaches in Jain religion

ISJS, in association with leading universities of India and Canada, is pleased to announce organizing an international seminar on ‘Social consciousness and approaches in Jain religion. This seminar will be held in Ottawa, Canada on August 27, 2010.


Conference in Pomona, California on November 12 to 14, 2010

International Conference on nonviolence – Ahimsa and Sustainability

Ahimsa Center at Cal Poly Pomona will address the theme of sustainability in its fourth international conference on nonviolence. The conference will feature wide-ranging scholarships and experiences to illuminate the relationship between ahimsa (nonviolence) and sustainability from multiple perspectives. For more information visit

News from Jain Centers


Jain Center of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


Jain Center of British Columbia, Vancouver, with its friends and family celebrated the 2609 Birthday of Lord Mahavir Swami at Burnaby's Vedic Hindu Temple on April 4, 2010. The event began with Janma Kalyanak pooja performed by Anand Jain and Gyanchand Singhai. Parnu and other Stavans and Bhajans were sung by members of community. Pathshala teachers, Bharti and Amita prepared a cultural and religious program in which students participated in from different age groups. School aged children, Rajan and Aditya presented a skit. Namokar mantra yoga, Jain shakti and other dances were also performed. Bhavarlal Purohit, Acharya Dwivedi, Dr. Das, and Anand Jain spoke on the teachings of Mahavira.  Pandit Sharadbhai blessed the Members. Mrs. Hira Shah organized the program and thanked all the volunteers who helped in preparation of food and organizing the event. About 600 people attended the celebration.

Jain Center of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA


Panchanihka Mahotsav – May 2010

JCSC celebrated the Panchanihka Mahotsav with great enthusiasm and devotion during the month of May 2010. The event started with Jawahara Ropan vidhi on May 9, 2010 and was followed by 5 day event from May 13 – 17, 2010.


The event comprised of the following 4 major occasions:

·       First Anniversary of Mulnayak AnjanShalaka Mahavir Bhagwan Pratishtha done in 2009

·       Pratishtha of 2nd Anjanshalaka Mahavirswami and Digambar Shantinath Bhagwan in Garbhagriha

·       Varsitap Parna

·       Dhwaj Ceremony


Other important events conducted during the Mahotsav included the following:

·       Pratishtha (installation) of Adinath Pagla

·       Chaumukhi Pratimajis in the Samvosaran Temple symbolizing sermons by Lord Mahavir;

·       Place portraits of Kalikal Sarvagna Hemchandracharyaji & Acharang Sutra and Pujya Bhadrabahu Swami & Kalpa Sutra in Aradhana Hall.

·       Place Mangal Murtis in the Bhamati Area;

·       Change all the Dhwajas in the Temple

·       Place "Darshniya Panch Dhatu Chaumukhi Pratimajis" in wooden temple.


In addition to the main events, the 5 day event included Bhakti Bhavna, Jain Raas Garba, Cultural Program along with Daily Snatra Puja, Mahavirswami Pujan, Navgrah, Das Dikpal & Ashtmangal Patla Pujan, Adhar Abhishek of all Bhagwans and Ashtaprakari Puja and Sattarbhedi Puja.


The Mahotsav was a culmination of a dream of building one of the most beautiful Jinalay outside India. This event formally completed the Phase 2 building plan for the temple and Aradhana Hall.


Dignitary Visit at JCSC during 2010


·       Vidhikar Kayvan Nandu, Shri Kiritbhai Gosalia (for Panchanihka Mahotsav  May 13-17)

·       Shri Rajendrabhai Kamdar, Shri Rameshbhai Parekh (Kanjiswami 121st Jayanti shibir  May 28 - 30)

·       Bhaishree Nalinbhai Kothari (Mokshmarg Shibir  June 4-6)

·       Dr. Humkumchand Bharill (Satsang  June 11 – 18)

·       Panditji Dhirajlal Mehta (Satsang  June 20–26)

·        Acharyaji Chandanaji (Satsang  June 27)

·       Dr. Rakeshbhai Jhaveri (Satsang Shibir  July 16-18)

·       Shri Hiteshbhai Shah, Shri Anupambhai Shah, Kusumben Dangi (for Paryushan 2010)



JAINA wants to hear from you


 Survey of Young Jains of America. Ages 18-35

Young Jains of America, please take 5 minutes to fill-out this survey. It will give us a glimpse into the lifestyle of young Jains in America and help us study the future of Jainism in the U.S. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Note that this survey is ANONYMOUS and you will not be identified in the results.


Spiritual Studies


American Jain Community Sets a Historic Milestone in Jain Studies

On April 16, 2010, the Stadium Club of Florida International University (FIU) in Miami glowed with an elegant aura of Jain traditional decor and a colorful gathering of the Jain community. The occasion was to celebrate official establishment of Bhagwan Mahavir Professorship of Jain Studies at FIU.

Establishing a Jain academic center has long been a dream of the Jain community, and on this day, FIU clinched the bragging rights of being the first in history by making this dream a reality. "We appreciate Jain community’s confidence in us,” said President Rosenberg, marking the beginning of the partnership between the Jains and the FIU. Members of the Jain community across US traveled long distances to become part of this memorable event.

Samani Charitra Pragya, the pioneer of this initiative, shared her story of four year long journey at FIU that culminated in the creation of this unique program. While accepting the nomination as the first Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies, Dr. Nathan Katz articulated the impact of Jain principle of nonviolence on the world over the past two millennia. Dr. Dipak Jain said that Jain values form his grounding and belief and that he firmly believed they would play a pivotal role in shaping business ethics.

The community was fortunate to have received blessings from two living icons of nonviolence, His Holiness Acharya Mahapragya and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which were delivered by Dr. Nirmal Baid and Ramesh Parmar. The finale of the event was signing of the gift agreement by Dr. Dipak Jain, Sapan Bafna, Mr. Rosenberg, Dean Futon and Mr. Conrad.

Multi-Faith Centre For Spiritual Study & Practice at the University of Toronto, Canada

To support the spiritual well-being of students, staff, and faculty, and to increase our understanding and respect for religious beliefs and practices at the University of Toronto, Multi-Faith Centre For Spiritual Study & Practices has been established and is located at 569 Spadiana Avenue, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON, M5S 2J7. Contact Audry Fong at (416) 946 3120 for more info about services and facility uses.

You may visit for campus chaplain and visit for more information. They help in making connections between an intellectual understanding of spirituality and living the reality of faith. They are there at critical moments to facilitate rites of passage - weddings, funerals, memorial services. Counseling from a holistic perspective is provided. They are committed to helping people grow to wholeness through a search for meaning in life, an exploration of spiritualities and an examination of moral and ethical issues. Worship Opportunities on Campus: many groups hold regular worship services. Interest & Discussion Groups: Regular groups meet throughout the year. Events Information includes Retreats, Religious Celebrations, and Forums on critical issues.


International Summer School for Jain Academic Studies (ISSJS)

The 2010 International Summer School for Jain Academic Studies was held at Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand from April 27-May 12, 2010.It was organized jointly by the Research Institute of languages and Culture of Asia,Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand; Jain Samaj Bangkok; and International School for Jain Studies, India.


The class comprised Nineteen (19) full time participants including Mr. Pramod Jain, President Jain Samaj Bangkok. Twenty Eight (28) interactive lectures as per schedule were delivered by Dr. Shugan Jain from New Delhi, India from April 25th -May 7th. Prof Priyadarshana Jain (a senior full time faculty member at Dept. of Jainology at Madras University, Chennai) took over from May 8th to 12th and delivered eight more lectures.


Participants were asked to submit their unanswered questions at the end of the day which were taken up the next day before starting the scheduled program. Further, there was one special session just for questions and answers which was very intensive also. Use of PowerPoint presentations for each lecture, examples from our daily lives to make a concept understood and drawing comparisons from Buddhism were also made as most of the participants had strong background in Buddhist studies. All participants expressed the highest level of satisfaction for each lecture and wished to have more of these. 

Reaching Out

Medical Mission to Haiti – A Humbling Experience


A group of 13 professionals with various backgrounds embarked on a humanitarian medical mission to help the really needy people in western hemisphere. They were: Mrs. Lata Champsee (Toronto); Fery Saremi, RN; Kelly Cornilliac, Nayna Patel, MA; Alexa Reeves, MD; Donna Reeves, MD; Ramesh Shah, Nitin Shah, MD (Los Angeles); Sushil Jain, MD; Minaxi Patel, MD; Vasant Bhatt, MD; Tuesday Cook, MD; Prakash Mehta (Maryland); all of whom went to Port Au Prince, Haiti from May 6 to 13 on a Medical Mission.

The trip was organized under the umbrella of JAINA (Federation of Jain Associations of North America). Actor Sean Penn contacted Dr. Sushil Jain to help Earthquake Survivors in Haiti. His Non-Profit Organization called JP/HRO has been providing day to day assistance to nearly 50,000 refugees. The owner of Petionville Golf and Country Club in Petionville offered his land to build temporary shelters for local Haitians who have no place to go after the earthquake.

JP/HRO – The team was  picked up and taken to Petionville country club. They have a well established system to help Haitians. People are housed in tents, have fresh water, food, and clean sanitation conditions.  They are transitioning camp residents to become self sustained and independent.  At this point camp residents are earning their living by working. JP/HRO has established family and urgent care clinics for health care including delivering babies. They do not have any hospital setting to deliver advanced healthcare such as providing facilities for surgery.  It was realized that the healthcare specialists would not be able to provide their expertise in the given setting so an attempt was made to contact Project Medishare with the help of Dr. Alexa Reeves about the team’s availability. Medishare gladly invited all 13 members to spend time at their facility.

The team toured the J/P HRO camp site & donated several suitcases full of medical supplies as well as one Pulse Oximeter (PO) that measures Heart rate, Oxygen Saturation and also hemoglobin non-invasively to them. Masimo Corp., Irvine donated the PO  which was made possible by Dr. Nitin Shah. 

Project Medishare – University of Miami helped establish Project Medishare a 100 bed hospital. This is a phenomenal undertaking. It has the capacity to provide Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal ICUs, x ray machines, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Mortuary etc. They have an Emergency Room that runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. They also have 3 operating rooms to carry out operations. About 200 volunteers offer their services at any given time, out of which more than 125 are healthcare professionals. The healthcare system in Haiti is almost non-existent so this hospital serves not only Earthquake survivors but also others.  They have abundant supply of medical equipments & drugs. They are overwhelmed with the response from people and organizations. 

While specialists from the team (Fery (OR Nurse), Sushil (Ophthalmologist), Vasant (Orthopedist), Minaxi & Donna (Pediatricians), Tuesday (Surgeon), Alexa (Neurosurgical resident), Nitin (Anesthesiologist)) offered their medical services,  the non-medical volunteers Nayna, Prakash, Kelly, Lata and Ramesh spent many hours each day in the warehouse helping to organize the supplies & equipments. Prakash was the official photographer and Nayna & Minaxi were the kitchen supervisors..

The team stayed in a big tent. Living conditions were tough and challenging. About 125 people slept on a small cot covered with mosquito net. During the day, the temperature reached up to 125 F and it was humid. There was no running water also that could be used freely. There were 4 cold water showers being used by about 200 people. Dinners were precooked meals served to military personnel. It rained almost everyday in the afternoon and frequently caused flooding. 

This was an eye opening and humbling experience for the team members. The good thing was they could all contribute towards the betterment of Haitians. Masimo Corp. made it possible for the team to donate 2 POs to Project Medishare. All healthcare professionals were thrilled to get a PO that could measure hemoglobin non-invasively. They also donated two tents and 11 sleeping bags. The amount of damage to Haiti is unimaginable and it will take a long time before the country is back on its feet.


Stamps to the Rescue


Starting April 30th you can buy stamps at the post office that help to buy food for shelter pets.

You can pre-order them online at


Jain Calendar

June  2010


June 19

June 19 - Jeth Sud   8

June 25

June 25 - Jeth Sud   14

June 26

June 26 - Jeth Sud   15 Poonam



July  2010


July 1

July 1 - Jeth Vad  5

July 5

July 5 - Jeth Vad  8

July 10

July 10 - Jeth Vad  14

July 16

July 16 - Ashadh Sud   5

July 18

July 18 - Ashadh Sud   8   Ashtanika Prarambh

July 24

July 24 - Ashadh Sud   14  Chomasi Chaudas

July 25

July 25 - Ashadh Sud   15  Guru Purnima  Ashtanika Purn

July 26

July 26 - Ashadh Sud   15  Poonam   Chaturmas Begins

July 31

July 31 - Ashadh Vad   5 



August  2010


August 3

Aug. 3 - Ashadh Vad   8 

August 9

Aug. 9 - Ashadh Vad   14 

August 14

Aug. 14 - Shravan Sud  5 

August 15

Aug. 15 - Shravan Sud  6  Neminath Birth 

August 17

Aug. 17 - Shravan Sud  8  Parshvanath Moksh

August 23

Aug. 23 - Shravan Sud  14  

August 24

August 31

Aug. 24 - Shravan Sud  15 Poonam   Rakshabandhan  

 Aug. 31- Shravan Vad  5



In the next issue of e-Jain Digest..

The editorial team of eJain Digest, has started working on the next issue of magazine that will focus on the theme of Namo loe savva sahunam – i.e. paying respect to the Acharyas, Upadhyays and Sadhus. 

We would like to hear from you (our readers) about your personal experience with Acharyas or Sadhu/Sadhvis during your encounter with them. Following criteria apply to the writers who would like to contribute, you could be:

a)    a student who went to India and met an Acharya/Sadhu/Sadhvi there

b)    someone who has been inspired or deeply affected by an Acharya/Sadhu/Sadhvi after coming in contact with one

c)    someone who comes in contact with a lot of Acharyas/Sadhus/Sadhvis

We encourage you to share your experience with others, and in the process inspire others.

Listed below are some questions/suggestions that you can use as guideline while writing your experience, but the write-up does not have to be limited to these areas:


1.     How did you come about getting to know the Acharya - circumstances under which you met them or what motivated you to meet the Acharya in the first place?

2.     What qualities of an Acharya impressed you or gave you the 'spiritual' feeling; what made you get close to them; or what specific questions or doubts did they resolve

3.     How long and /or how often have you been in contact? Is it an ongoing conversation - or was it a one-time event?

4.     How has it changed your life?


If you have any questions, please send your queries to eJain Digest Editorial Team at

MIS Ads - Female


F01320210: Gujarati Jain parents invite alliance with photo and bio-data for beautiful, slim, talented, vegetarian, family oriented Canadian Citizen Daughter. Born, April 1984, 5’ 4”, B.E. (Electrical), Masters in Global Innovative Management (USA), employed in USA, from well educated, well employed, vegetarian Jain cultured boys. Call 91-98980 42820. Email:

F01340210: Parents invite alliance for their 26 yr old, 5’ 7” Gujarati, vegetarian, Hindu, beautiful third year medical student daughter from educated professionals settled in USA between 26-29 years of age. Email bio data and photo to:

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