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Jains Driving Demand For Non-Silk Saris

Thursday, May 27, 2010   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Pooja Jain
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(This article was sent by Arjun Jain -

I am not quite sure if Ahimsa Silk does not involve any violence. In my opinion, leather, wool, silk and such, no matter what they say, will most likely involve himsa.

From (

I think that Ahimsa Silk doesn't really equal non-violence to insects, once you understand the process and do the math. I think that a lot of vegans and vegetarians want to find a way to rationalize using silk -I can certainly understand wanting to wear silk, it's a wonderful fiber, and none of the synthetics even come close. The thing that many

people don't do, is look carefully at how the whole system works. If some vegetarians make the determination that it's OK to let the living eggs dry out and die, or ignore the fact that the caterpillars will starve, then that's their business. That's a moral question, and it's not my morality. I'm a bug-baker myself; I make reeled filament silk from the cocoons I raise. I just want to make sure that the peace-silk folks think through the whole process with a clear understanding, especially if they're planning to email me and call me a monster and ask me how I can sleep at night with the blood (or hemolymph, actually

- the goo that passes for blood in insects) of so many helpless moths on my hands, etc.

Here are some sites dealing in Ahimsa or Peace Silk. I was kind of torn about listing these, as I've made it really clear that I disagree with their philosophy. But, a lot of people ask me, so here you have some: - Cheryl Kolander's site, Aurora Silk, is the main source for "Peace Silk" in the US. - From what I can tell, the silk is being woven in India, although their business phone number goes to Hong Kong. - This site is selling Ahimsa Silk Shawls. If you click the link (PDF) on their front page, it takes you to a BEAUTIFUL study about how raising Tasar silk is revitalizing tribal areas in India - unfortunately, the site's organizers must not have read all the way through the PDF, because they're REELING (i.e. killing and unwinding) those cocoons. The PDF isn't about Ahimsa silk at all. Always remember to RTFM. Here is a link to the PDF on its original site.

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