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Census of India - Encourage Your Family Members in India to Unite as Jains

Thursday, April 8, 2010   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Pooja Jain
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Census of India – The biggest National Census since the beginning of ‘Mankind'

1st April, 2010 marks a historic day for the people of our country, India. Over next 1 year, everything - good or bad, small or big is going to be counted. Are we going to make ourselves count as Jains or….Will India's Jain Population dwindle further or we are going to make our presence felt through sheer Numbers? – Onus is on all the Jains

Over last few decades, Jain Culture inspite of being the oldest and the richest is shrinking at an alarming pace. This is reflected by our declining Population, Census after Census. Interestingly, our Guru Maharaj ji, Marasahebji, Satiyaji claim that ground reality is that our absolute population is increasing then why is the Census painting a different picture? There has to be a missing link..

We are contributing more than 50% of India's Revenue and 25% of India's Direct Tax kitty, so our economy and indirectly the whole country is running on the fuel called ‘Jains'. But there is one game in which we are losing out – Game of Numbers. Communities who have won in this Number Game are getting all the attention and respect in the Political, Economic, Media & Social circuits.

Don't you feel time has come to make the Stakeholders of India realize the important contribution made by just 0.5% of India's Population all these years? But How?

The best and the easiest way to achieve our goal is by making every Jain count in the Number Game. Let's talk to fellow Jains at our home, then with our relatives, then talk to Jains in our neighborhood and the final next step will be to raise this issue at every gathering of our Community – be in Derasar, Sthanaks, Upashrays etc. Let's explain everyone the importance of making ourselves count as Jain in the upcoming Census.

Over years, knowingly or unknowingly lots of Jains have enrolled themselves as Hindus under the misconception that Hinduism and Jainism are similar. Mind well, our lax attitude is dragging us backwards and it's high time we revive respect for Jainism and for Jains.

Our Government too acknowledges the fact that Jainism predates Hinduism by a margin of thousands of years and that Jainism was the 1st religion known to Mankind. That's the very reason; Jainism is one of the six Religions explicitly mentioned in the 2011 Census Form.

Let 2011 Census Form be the place where we all unite as Jains and carefully register our religion as Jain – and just as Jain without any prefix like - Swethambar, Digambar, Terapanti, Sthankwasi, Mandirwasi, Oswal, Porwal, Dassa, Bissa etc etc..

Kindly forward this message to fellow Jains who are passionate about Jainism and who wish to spread importance of Census as a tool to make us count.

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