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Scholar Visitation 2013 JAINA Transparency Report

Committee Name: Scholars Visitation Committee

Projects/Activities Undertaken in Past 5 years – Please provide project Description, Deliverable & Duration (year begun-year completed):

1. Provide scholars for Paryushana Das Laxana 

2. Provide list of scholars, biodata/ photos for use in Jaina convention 

3. Provide scholars during Sthapana/ Bhumi Poojan. Shilanyas 

New Project Plans for Year 2009 and 2010 (List Specific Deliverable or Objective): 

1. Develop local scholars 

2. Guide scholars for non biased lectures 

3. Develop and coach local center for programs that would enhance Jain Unity

What Resources Are Requested from JAINA? Please list specifics below for consideration by the JAINA EC:

1. To strengthen Jain Unity Jaina should support concept of common Paryshana/ Das Laxana program staring on  Friday just before Chaturthi and continue for 10 days till 2nd Sunday. On last Sunday the common Khsama Vani and Tapasvi Bahuman can be arranged. On 1st Sunday we all can celebrate Bhagwan Mahveer’s birth ( Janma) . Kalpa Sutra should be read in the morning each day. In the evening general lectures on Jain principles can be scheduled ( in Hindi/Gujrati/ English) along with 30 minutes of pravachan for each of Ten Dharma for 10  days in Hindi/ English. This program will bring people of all sect together for celebration, will enhance unity and strengthen Jains in this part of the world.

Committee’s Activity Report (Circle the answers or enter your comments below each)

How active is your committee?    very active        /active/dormant/not needed anymore

How often does the committee meet? Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-annually/      Annually

How does the Committee meet? In person at common location/       teleconference/Both

Committee member responsible for email/web content is _Nirmal Dosi________________

How active are your current Committee members?   very active         /active/not active

How many committee members under 40 years age are active in your committee?   30____

Committee Succession Plan:
What is your Committee's Chair Person and Committee member succession plan?

Would you like new (younger) Committee volunteers referred to your Committee?   Yes   / No

Type and Frequency of Outreach/Public Awareness by Committee:

Please state how often and by what means do you reach out to:

Jains__E-mail/ phones_________________________________   


Do you contribute articles regularly to Jain Digest? __Yes__________________________

Committee Budget:

Avg. Yearly Expense Budget: $ _____________
Avg. Yearly Revenues from Sales: $__________

Avg. Yearly Donations Received: $__________  

Support Requested from JAINA:

Please list the support you need from JAINA/other Committees – Try and be as specific as possible and indicate the time horizon for each of your need(s).




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