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Holiday Fundraiser for JAINA
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We want to raise $100,000 in 60 Days in order to keep the projects and initiatives of JAINA going!


Internal Notes for Fundraising Team Members

Below you will find all of the tools and resources you need to KICKOFF this year's Holiday Fundraising Drive for JAINA!  Please click on each link below for the contents of your toolkit.

On this page, you will find all of the tools you need including marketing materials, a sample calling script, Power Point slide decks, along with a contact number for you to call 510-730-0204 or email if you need help with tools or resources and a team member will be happy to help you.

For each donation that you collect, please fill out this online form so we can track donations and periodically post updates on the JAINA website to show donors names and collection amount.

Be sure to review the JAINA fundraising document


Our Goal

Goal: Raise $100,000 in 60 Days

Start Date: Oct 20, 2014

End Date: Dec 20, 2014

Each JAINA Director is to raise $2,400

Each JAINA EC Member $5,000.


Who To Call

Start with your kids, extended family, friends, local sangh members.  If you run out of people to call, please let us know and we will share a calling list.

Toolkit materials: (CALLING SCRIPT)

  1. Call Script for Holiday Fundraiser


    Self-Introduction 1: "Jai Jinendra,my name is (your name) – and I am calling from JAINA (I am JAINA’s VP/Director/Volunteer, etc.) and would like an opportunity to...

    Self-Introduction 2:  “Jai Jinendra my name is (your name), I am a Jain youth working on behalf of Jaina to tell you about the various JAINA projects in North America.  Do you have 3 minutes to spare to speak with me?...

    .,..Tell you a little about JAINA.  JAINA represents over 170,000 Jains and 70+ local Jain organizations across North America.  JAINA's mission is to preserve and share Jain Religion and Way of Life and have a vibrant Jain community in North America.


    Just want to make sure that you have been receiving the JAINA Calendar?


    Great..  We are getting ready to ship out the Year 2015 calendar –  I just want to ensure that you are receiving our JAINA Calendar and our enewsletter?

    Yes.  (good, move on)
    and wanted to make sure we have your updated address as well as (breath) ask you to support for this and other JAINA projects.

    If, NO:
    Can I get your address and email address down so we make sure you get it?  Excellent – I have updated this

    I wanted to let you know that we ship out 15,000 calendars FREE – and it costs JAINA about $100,000.  I would like to make a personal appeal to you to DONATE to support this and many other JAINA projects.  Currently we are doing a Holiday  fundraising drive for JAINA to raise money for the JAINA Calendar and other JAINA projects.

    Option 1:
    We have a JAINA 360 initiative – a pledge of $3 ($1,095), $2 ($730), or $1 ($365) per day, if no. 

    Option 2:
    How about $501, $251, $151, $101, $51 – this will help us a great deal to keep Jainism and Jain Way of Live strong in North America, if no,

    Option 3:
    Any amount would be appreciated

    If possible we are collecting donations for the “xyz project” and his is also a great time to provide charitable giving end-of- year tax-deductable donation of $xx dollars.


    Can I get your pledge tonight?


    [If yes -  Please walk them through or just fill the form below]


    [Then engage with them.  Are they involved in their local jain community?  What is one thing they are facing?  Tell them about all of our projects - makes notes below]

    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -   


    For Youth Volunteer:   My name is Neha and I am a Jain youth living in ___ and working with JAINA.


    What are other JAINA projects [Most people think that JAINA just does a convention - yet we do lots more for example ]


      - FREE JAINA Calendar

    - JAINA Uplifting Jains out of Poverty Program
    - JAINA Education Scholarships & Internships
    - Pathshala books and curriculum program

    - Mahavir and Jain way of life books

    - JAINA  program Mangalam

    - Jain Digest

    - Boyscouts Program

    - Mahavira book for children published in USA for your local library

    - Huffington Post Blog


    Do you have any feedback for JAINA or anything we can do better?

    Thank you.

    Download links:

    "Calling Script for Holiday Fundraising Drive v1" pdf
    "Calling Script for Holiday Fundraising Drive v1" .doc

  3. List of all JAINA Projects as talking points

  4. Story Book of JAINA (shown below) and Appeal for Fundraising - download link

 Graphical Representation by Region

 (Map of NA by region where the numbers get updated periodically to be created.)



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is JAINA's Vision:


JAINA's mission is to preserve and share Jain Religion and Way of Life and have a vibrant Jain community in North America.


2. Why Do We Need JAINA?


There are over 70 Jain organizations - each locally focused.  JAINA brings them together.  We need a professional organization that can take on North America wide projects as well as strengthen our Dharma for our future generation; carry out nation wide projects; JAINA is that organization.  

3. How Will I Know each  Committee's / Project’s Progress?


On-line!  Project plan, status,  and progress as well as the content are on-line.  You can view project progress at any time.


4.  Who Will Manage My Donations?

The committees are managed by talented and highly accomplished  individuals.  Not only have these Committee Chairs excelled in their own professions, they have already demonstrated their leadership R&Rs in the communities they live and the professions they practice.  Donations received for targeted causes that are marked as such for specific committees are posted as such.  Appropriate credits are assigned to the respective committees and these projects or initiatives are managed under the oversight of each respective committee chair.


5.  What is JAINA Budget

Our budget is over $450,000 per year to support over 150,000 Jains in North America.  I can mail you our budget.


DONOR / PLEDGE Form [Please fill this out for each donor pledge you receive or any feedback]: AA
If you would like to mail your donation:  JAINA Headquarters,
722 South Main St. Milpitas, CA 95035

For any questions and support, call 510-730-0204 or email

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