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From the President

 e-Jain Digest I e-Jain Digest October 2009

Jai Jinendra!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your President. I am humbled by the trust you have placed in me, and I assure you I will carry out my responsibility with integrity and to the best of my ability.

I am pleased to inform you that our 2009 JAINA Convention was a success in spite of adverse economic circumstances. This was the result of careful planning and a lot of hard work on the part of the JAINA volunteers and the Jain Center of Southern California community.

Now is the time to look forward to the JAINA 2011 Convention. It will be held in Houston on July 4th 2011 long weekend.

Jain Digest: One of the most visible activities of JAINA has been the publication of Jain Digest, a quarterly magazine. In last two years, we could only print 3 issues instead of the normal 8 issues. This was primarily due to lack of funds. Every Jain Digest issue costs around $17,000 to print and distribute. This totals to approximately $70,000 per year, putting a lot of burden on the JAINA Treasury. Therefore, the new JAINA EC has decided, on a trial basis, to publish the next issue of Jain Digest on the web as eJainDigest. I hope all of you will understand and welcome this change.

New JAINA Portal: We have completed the first phase of overhauling our website and created a content driven portal. Please visit and check it out. We are looking for volunteers who have experience and are interested in developing new web-content and web-services. Anyone willing to help with the JAINA portal please contact Yogendra Jain.

JAINA in co-operation with organizations in UK, USA and Africa is sponsoring a mega mobility camp from 23rd December 2009 to 9th January 2010 in Palitana. The camp is intended to help around 25,000 physically handicapped and hearing impaired individuals. Tricycles, wheelchairs, callipers, hearing aids and other aids and appliances to the needy will be provided.

JAINA co-sponsored the US Legislative Conference on Peace, Harmony & Non-Violence at Capitol Hill, Washington, DC event. The event was very successful.

The following are JAINA Executive Committee’s goals for the next two years:

1. Develop financial self-sufficiency - JAINA to become financially stable for the next two years and beyond. The target is to raise $150K by 2011.

2. Reinvigorate JAINA directors – Get at least 50% of the JAINA Directors to participate in JAINA activities and projects.

3. Provide State of the Art Web Services for JAINA member Jain Centers and JAINA Committees -Many centers are struggling with websites, links to Jain resources etc. We plan to help them with creating websites and other links. Eventually JAINA intends to provide membership management, survey, news, donations, and other on-line promotion tools. JAINA will provide these tools FREE of cost to its member organizations.

4. Provide Infrastructure to our Committees - The 15 JAINA committees can use a common set of JAINA web-services including on-line donation, store, newsletter, blog, project tracking, website for the group, and survey tools.

5. JAINA as a global leadership organization – Participate in at least 4 international events and forge a partnership with JITO and other world class organizations.

6. Partnership – Build partnership with 10 cultural/religious organizations including Jewish, Buddhists, American Indians, Seventh Day Adventists, etc.

7. JAINA / JainLink Membership – Currently there are 1200 signed members. Target to add 6000 registered members/families by 2011

8. JAINA Digest - Transition Jain Digest to a Bi-monthly newsletter and a more flexible and frequent eJainDigest.

Finally, JAINA’s future rests in the hands of all of us and in collective efforts of its Committees and leaders. As some one has said:

Success is due not to the genius of the few, but to the faithfulness of the many.

With Warmest Regards

Lata Champsee

JAINA President

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