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JAINA raises $28,000 to its Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, rebuilds computer lab for Staten Island Mid
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JAINA raises $28,000 to its Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, rebuilds computer lab for Staten Island, NY Middle School

Staten Island, NY, Jan 29, 2013 – The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) presents a $28,000 check to IS 2 Egbert Intermediate School in Staten Island, NY which was impacted by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. JAINA will sponsor their computer lab.

Devastation of IS 2 Egbert Intermediate School in Staten Island, NY
Devastation of IS 2 Egbert Intermediate School in Staten Island, NY


This donation will go towards the rebuilding of their computer lab, more specifically the purchase of computers, hardware, and other maintenance equipment.


Providing humanitarian services locally and globally is the focus JAINA’s World Community Service (WCS) Committee. When deciding on the best way to alleviate the suffering due to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the WCS Committee took an education driven approach. Keeping long term impact and sustainability in mind, WCS, has chosen to sponsor the computer math lab to ensure that the benefits of its contribution is not just utilized to fill an initial need, but also positively affect students for years to come.


The creation of the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund:

As the devastation of Hurricane Sandy ensued, the leaders of JAINA’s WCS Committee went to work in creating its Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. Through a concerted effort utilizing grassroots fundraising, online outreach, and social media efforts, and the help of its 100,000+ person membership, JAINA’s WCS Committee collected $28,000 in 45 days. While its field team worked on appealing to its community, its leaders explored ways it could maximize the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund’s impact.


A partnership was born:

After numerous visits to a variety of disaster sites, WCS Committee’s leaders came across the needs of IS 2 Egbert Intermediate School in Staten Island, NY. The school was severely damaged and their basement was entirely flooded and with it came the destruction of its utilities and hvac systems along with its innovative computer math lab. As late as mid-December, IS 2 Egbert Intermediate School was running on generators. A meeting with the borough president as well as the school principal and other officials quickly followed. An opening to make a difference presented itself. WCS Committee leaders Sunny Jain (also a local resident of Staten Island) and Rajeev Pandya were instrumental in bringing forth this partnership.
Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott speaks
on Staten Island on Oct. 15.
Staten Island Advance/Irving Silverstein

Long-term impact:

The donation will go to restore and replace IS 2 Egbert Intermediate School’s maintenance equipment and 50+ laptops and computers for its innovative computer math lab. This computer lab will support IS 2 Egbert Intermediate School’s innovative pilot project called "School of One” which aims to create curriculum and new learning spaces specifically designed for the changing needs and wide variety of student levels. This equipment will facilitate the connection between students and online tutors from around the world. At the end of the day each student takes a five question modality test. If the student does not pass the test, the program’s algorithm figures out a new way to teach the student the specific skill he/she is learning at the time. As the algorithm "gets smarter”, the student "gets smarter”, supplementing the in-classroom teacher’s ability to teach more effectively.


"To ensure long-term impact, we have always tried to focus on meeting education needs since this helps to ensure the future of any community. Since we have worked with numerous schools in the past projects, we saw this as a great fit,” says Prakash Mehta, Co-Chair of the WCS Committee.


A commitment to serve:

Since its inception in 1995, JAINA’s WCS Committee has continued to provide humanitarian services all around the world particularly to those communities struck by disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and famine. Among its many projects, in 2001, the WCS donated funds to the New York Fire Fighter Fund. In 2005, it adopted a school in CFO Nallaha, Middle Andaman, for Tsunami victims, comprising of 8+2 classrooms (6,300Sq. ft.). When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2006, they adopted a school and funded a computer lab for a school in need. In 2010, the WCS contributed $30,000+ along with $15,000 worth of medical supplies and a team of 13 medical professional led "Mission to Haiti” to support victims of the equipment.


Press Contact:

Prakash Mehta



(JAINA raises $28,000 to its Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund .pdf version)

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