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My Self and Work
Excelling in the Workplace -
Are you happy and engaged at your job? Are you using your best strengths and developing them into your recognized core competencies? Does your boss praise you and recognize your work? Or are you frustrated with the quarreling, turf wars, and endless delays in decision making in your workplace?
Internalizing and practicing our core Jain values helps us excel in our work place and greatly enhances the environment for team work and higher productivity. Evaluate your corporate leaders – are they are following these Jain core values?
The table below shows how you can apply core Jain values to excel in many workplace situations.
(Core Values of NV=Non-Violence; NA=Non-Absolutism; NP=Non-Possessiveness)

Jain Relaxation and Meditation -
Jain scriptures offer extensive guidance on meditation techniques to achieve full knowledge and awareness. Meditation is one of the most pleasant, serene, and joyous feelings. We
can gain tremendous energy by managing our fickle mind. It offers us tremendous physical and mental benefits. The following table describes a simple, six-stage technique which you can use for yourself or to guide a family or group meditation session.

My 12 Reflections -
Humans have a great ability to mentally reflect on our current, past, and future. Jain scriptures eloquently prescribe 12 reflections to help us reinforce our Jain way of life practices. These reflections allow us to understand that we are alone in this world, but at the same time interconnected to every living being. By observing these reflections, we can deepen our view of Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism, and Non-Possessiveness.
Source: Jain Way of Life, A Guide to Compassionate, Healthy, and Happy Living. 2007

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