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Structure of Mentorship Program

How the Program Is Structured:

Step 1: Sign Up

- To participate in the Jain Mentorship Program, you must first sign up and fill out a brief questionnaire.

Step 2: Getting Matched

- Next, JMP will work quickly to find the best mentor/mentee to match you with.

- The matching process is divided into 3 groups:
     - High School Students will generally be mentored by College Students.
     - College Students will generally be mentored by YJP (Young Jain Professionals).
     - YJP will be mentored by JAINA.

 - To find your best mentor/mentee match, JMP will look at several factors including:
     - Mentorship Needs
     - Career Field
     - Age
     - Location
Once matched, you will be given a brief description of the individual you are paired with and his or her contact information.

Step 3: Mentorship Meetings

- Once you have been matched with a mentor/mentee, you will begin your meetings (in-person or phone). For the first 3 months of the program, the meetings will be bi-weekly. After the first 3 months, a minimum of 1 meeting per month is required. Commonly, sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long. However, each meeting or phone call can be as long or as brief as the mentor & mentee decide. The first few sessions may take longer. The key is to connect and ensure that the mentee is successfully progressing towards the goal that matters most to him or her.

- Please refer to the Mentor Training Handbook which will help you make the most of each session.

Step 4: Attending Quarterly Sessions

- The first Sunday of every 3rd month, the JMP will host multiple meetings in every city that has a critical mass of JMP participants.
These meetings will be called JMP Quarterly Meetings.

- The purpose of the JMP Quarterly Meeting is help mentors share best practices with each other, help mentees share best practices with each other, and provide a regular way for Mentors, Mentees, and Specialized Mentors to socialize with JMP participants in their region.

- JMP Quarterly Meetings will have two parts.

    - Part One is a 60-90 minute Learning Session during which time mentors will congregate in one room and mentees will congregate in another room. Before each Mentor Learning Session, mentors will anonymously describe the biggest challenge & biggest success they are encountering in their mentoring relationship on a share Google Doc. During the Learning Session, the City Coordinator will read the anonymous challenges & successes, and facilitate discussion among the group of mentors. Mentors should learn from each others’ successes and offer ideas for each others’ challenges. A similar process will occur in the Mentee Learning Session.

   - Part Two is Social Time. It is an opportunity for mentors, mentees, SMs, and JMP volunteers to socialize with each other over JMP-sponsored non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, & light food.


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