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Long Range Planning

Committee Name: Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning (LRP) Committee, a 12 member Standing Committee of JAINA, is organized under Article V, Section 5 of JAINA’s Charter.  With a vision to “Live and Share a Jain Way of Life”, the objective of LRP Committee is to establish long-range, 10-20 years, plans for North American Jains and JAINA.  In this regard, the Committee develops and executes short-term as well as long-term goals.  The Committee supports and guides JAINA in infrastructure development and operational strategies.  LRP Committee creates opportunities for leadership development, assists JAINA EC and Board Of Directors by being a custodian of certain tasks, and acts as an incubator facility for launching new initiatives and the roll out of JAINA projects.

List of Projects Ideas, Active Projects, Planned Projects

Current Two Year Plan for Year 2009 and 2010 (Specific deliverable objectives):
Develop leadership - 5 city leadership seminar (Responsible: Soha, Manoj, Chintan)
2 Kellogg planning and strategy seminars (Manoj)
Get 50% JAINA Directors and Committee Chairs to be active and change agents for JAINA (Yogendra)
Innovate, Incubate, and fund infrastructure support projects, and hand off to Committees (Prem, Manoj)
Increase Collaboration / Content Sharing with all Jains in North America by 20x (Paulomi)
JainLink – Get 5000 signed members; collaborate with JCGB on joint directory development (Chandrakant)

(progress on the above project is on-going. if you would like to volunteer your time, please contact us)

Committee Members (member names, contact info., and member starting year):

NameCity, State
Member Since
Dipak Doshi
  Long Grove, IL
Yogendra Jain
(Immediate Past Chair)
  Boston, MA
Chintan Shah  Boston, MA
Dipak Jain
  Evanston, IL
Manish Mehta
  Ann Arbor, MI
Parth Savla
  Oakland, CA
Prem Jain
  Fremont, CA
408-981-4645 2004
Sejal Dhruva
  San Francisco, CA
530-917-4448 2014
Sonia Ghelani
  Dallas, TX
Soha Shah
  Dayton, OH
Sushil Jain
  Dun Loring, VA

Past Projects Completed Over 4 Years:

Development of Vision and Mission for JAINA and Jains in North America (see JainLink Home) (2007 and on-going)
Elevator Pitch and YouTube Video (See under Resources - Presentations) (2008)
Jain Way of Life book (See JWOL pull down menu on JainLink for book content) - sold 1500+ books (2007 and on-going)
2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 Kellogg Leadership Session with Dipak Jain
JainLink development and integration (2008)

Committee Activity Report (to be answered by Chairman) (Date when completed: Aug 15, 2014)

How active is your committee (very active, active, dormant, not needed): Very Active

How often does the committee meet per month : 2x per month on-line

Which committee member is responsible for email/web content: Yogendra

How active are your current Committee members (very active, active, not active): very active

How many committee members under the age of 40 people are active in your committee: 2

What is your Committee's Chair and Committe member succession plan?

- Plan is to have a new Chairman in 2-3 years
- Any Committee member who is unable to play an active role but is still interested - is given an Advisory role

Type and frequency of outreach and public awareness provided by Committee (When and how often do your each out to Jains/nonJains?)
To Jains:
- 1x every two months newsletter sent to about 7000 Jains
- Seminars in various US cities
- At least one or two sessions in JAINA Convention

To Non-Jains:
- Provide resources and information about JAINA through

Avg. Yearly Budget: Est. $5000

Avg. Yearly Revenues: Est. $5000

Avg. Yearly Donation: Appx. $6000

Committee History:

Year Founded: 2007

Year the current chairperson was appointed: 2006

Support: Please list the support you need from JAINA/other Committees

- Getting the word out about JAINA vision to all Jains in North America
- Getting in touch with other committees
- Book mailing


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