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Crossword Puzzle #26
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Read the story of Result of Pride andanswer the below questions. (Mark you answers in the puzzle)

There were two brothers. Both into gur (a sweet) business. The elder brother was proud and vain but the younger brother was a simple, peace loving man. One day the elder brother disrespecting his younger brother, said with pride, "dear brother, you have nothing and I have millions of rupees with me and also, one house and one car".

The next day, the elder brother saw that gur was full of insects and because of this there were many losses. He finally lost his house and his car. Therefore, a man should not be proud of his money. The money can make you a King in a movement and a beggar in another moment.


1. What business two brothers were into ?
2. Which brother disrespected other ?
3. Next day, the gur was full of _________.
4. The money can make you a King in a movement and a _______ in another moment.

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