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Moments of Inspiration

Moments of Inspiration

Simple things in life can make all the difference. A small incident can change one’s life for the better. We like to call them those unique Inspirational Moments. They may sound simple but could have a profound impact on you and people around you. The eJain Digest Editorial team would like the community members to share their Inspirational Moments. As an example we asked a member of our team to share her Inspirational Moment. Please write to, it can become a source of inspiration for others.

Inspiration by Attending Adult Swadhyay Class

I have been a regular visitor at the Jain Derasar in Southern California. I was always intrigued about ”What is it that made the great Tirthankars and Sadhu/Sadhvijis give up all their worldly pleasures and comforts to follow the tough but righteous path?” I wondered if I could be strong enough to give up a few things in life too. The quest for this knowledge ultimately led me to become a part of the Adult Swadhyay class conducted at the Derasar.


I have been attending these lectures for the past two years and this has reinforced my faith in the sound principles of Jain Philosophy, Satya and Ahimsa to name a couple. In one such lecture, our teachers spoke about Vyavhaar and Vartan, emphasizing that "Merely knowing facts is not enough; what is more important is putting them into practice”. This particular discussion was an eye opener for me, as a result of which I have made a conscious decision to give up the use of leather and leather products and "put into practice” the principle of Ahimsa ( Non Violence ) towards all living beings. Jainism encourages spiritual development through reliance on and cultivation of one’s personal wisdom and "self control”. I am trying to exercise self control and abstain from the use of leather bags, slippers and many other products. By not indulging in the use of leather goods gives me a sense of satisfaction and also minimizing Paap. Very recently we were to purchase some furniture and we opted for the microfiber material rather than leather. Therefore attending the Adult Swadhyay class has inspired me to take a small step in the right direction. We have many options in life and it is entirely up to us to choose the right one!!!

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