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JAINA Committee - Constitution Article V


Standing, Operational and Ad-hoc Committees.
(a) The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint standing, operational and ad-hoc committees as needed. Standing committees are those which provide continuing services to the community to achieve the goals and objectives of the Federation. Members of a standing committee need not be members of the Board of Directors but the chairperson shall preferably be a member of the Board. Operational committees are those which are required to execute functions of the Federation. Ad Hoc committees are those which are established to accomplish a specific purpose. The ad-hoc committee should be dissolved once their task is completed unless new additional responsibilities JAINA Constitution & By-Laws as of January 15, 2009 5
are defined. A proposed Standing committee will be first appointed as an Ad-Hoc committee which can be converted to a standing committee after two years of successful operation.
(b) The scope and the charter of the committees shall be approved by the Executive Committee of the Federation. The committee charter shall subscribe to the objectives and procedures laid out in the By-Laws of this Constitution and By-Laws. The standing committees and its charter must be approved by the Board of Directors within two years after it being declared as a standing committee.
(c) The committee chair shall be responsible for the operation of the committee. The committee chair shall be responsible to present a yearly report to the President. The committee chair shall also present a long term and short term plan including budget projections as requested by the President.
(d) In case of a conflict between the committee charter and this Constitution and By-Laws, this Constitution and By-Laws shall prevail.
(e) Grandfather Provisions: For the purpose of applying the terms of this section, all current committees will be treated as if they are appointed upon approval of this constitutional amendment.


(a) Each committee shall be headed by a chairperson. The chairperson of a committee shall preferably be a member of the Board of Directors; the committee members need not be members of the Board. All standing committees will have an executive council
JAINA Constitution & By-Laws as of January 15, 2009 17
consisting of a minimum of 3 members. This executive council will be responsible for the operation of the committee.
(b) The chairperson of every committee and the executive council of a standing committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. No chairperson can be reappointed after serving for 6 consecutive years. This time limit will be enforced after the ratification of these By-Laws.
(c) The term of the committee chair or its executive council will automatically terminate at the end of October after the election of the new Executive Committee. The Executive Committee must appoint or renew the appointment of the chairpersons of the standing committees before its term expires as provided in this paragraph.
(d) Only one person from a family living in the same household shall be a member of the same committee.
(e) The Executive Committee shall have authority to establish, restructure or dissolve committees as deemed necessary. Dissolution of a standing committee shall require an approval of the majority of Board of Directors by mail-in or secure on-line ballot. An operational committee can be dissolved by a majority of the Executive Committee or its work can be outsourced. An ad-hoc committee dissolves automatically upon expiry of its term but can be dissolved earlier by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Committee.
(f) Committees may use the Federation tax identification for collecting donations for their operation.
(g) All committees shall follow a standard operating procedures established by the Executive Committee. The committee members must hold meetings on a periodic basis and publish the minutes of the meetings.
(h) All decisions of the committee require a majority vote of the committee members.
(i) A committee can not spend or accrue liability that exceeds the fund balance in its account at any time. Any exception to this must be approved by a majority of the Executive Committee.
(j) All financial transactions made by the committee must abide by the rules laid out in paragraph 8 “Financial Transactions” of these By-Laws.
(k) Each committee will develop detailed guidelines to implement the Conflict of Interest Policy defined in section 8 of these By-Laws.
(l) Following Federation committees will be classified as Standing, Operational or Ad Hoc committees as below:
Award Committee Standing
Election Committee Standing
Fund Raising Committee Standing
JAINA Constitution & By-Laws as of January 15, 2009 18
Interfaith Activities Committee Standing
Jiv Daya Committee Standing
Long Term Planning Committee Standing
Publications Committee Standing
Tirthoddhar Committee Standing
Veerchand Raghavji Gandhi Scholarship
Fund Committee Standing
World Community Service Committee Standing
Book Store Committee Operational
Calendar Committee Operational
Education Committee Operational
Governmental & International
Relations Committee Operational
Jain Digest Membership Committee Operational
Jain Networking Forum (JNF) Operational
Marriage Information Services Committee Operational
Membership Committee Operational
Library Committee Operational
Legal Advisory Committee Operational
Media/Public Relations Committee Operational
Media Production Committee Operational
Patron Program Committee Operational
Pilgrimage Committee Operational
Public Affairs Council Operational
Scholar Visitation Committee Operational
Technology Committee Operational
Web Site Committee Operational
Academic Liaison Committee Ad Hoc
Adhyatmic Committee Ad Hoc
Assistance Program Committee Ad Hoc
Constitution Review Committee Ad Hoc
Exhibition Committee Ad Hoc
Jain Centers Resources Committee Ad Hoc
Jain Milan Committee Ad Hoc
Jain Rituals Committee Ad Hoc
North American Jain Families
Assistance Program Committee Ad Hoc
North American Jains History Committee Ad Hoc
Senior Housing Committee Ad Hoc
(m) The operational committees required for the administrative functions of the Federation (e.g., Legal Advisory Committee, Media Production Committee, Book Stores Committee) shall report to the Secretary. The operational committees involved in fund raising for the general operation of the Federation (e.g., Patron Program Committee) shall report to the Treasurer for financial functions. Other committees shall report to the President.
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